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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Mar 2011
Thomas Nelson

Regret Free Parenting

by Catherine Hickem

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Regret Free Parenting: Raise Good Kids and Know You're Doing It Right by Catherine Hickem is a book that teaches from the negative to the positive. Most parenting books provide checklists and lesson strategies on how to rear confident and well-adjusted youngsters. This book, however, offers case histories and profiles of parents (particularly mothers) who do a lousy job of nurturing their offspring and then proceeds to explain ways in which these circumstances could be avoided or, if already manifested, turned around. Hickem is a professional counselor who has worked in private practice, has counseled women in prison, and was the founder of Intentional Moms Ministry.

The book is sectioned into seven parts. Section Three focuses on ways to find peace when a child is going through the teenage years. Hickem explains that the brain is still forming during these years and, as a result, it does things impulsively, doesn't recognize potential danger, has trouble getting organized and setting appropriate priorities, and cannot estimate possible consequences of actions taken. As a result, parents have to be forgiving but also attentive and protective to some degree. If the teen sees that the parent is there for encouragement, advice, and direction, rather than just admonishment and disapproval, the parent-teen relationship will be more amiable.

One key aspect of all parenting, says Hickem, is to maintain a healthy sense of humor. She also is in favor of mentoring and befriending moms who are incarcerated, ill, or highly stressed. At first, these women will be defensive, with high walls around their hearts. But the minute you ask them to tell you about their children, they will either smile or cry, and either way an avenue of ministry is opened.

Hickem tells many anecdotes about her own children and she quotes passages of Scripture that help children deal with complicated situations. One time, her daughter was having a hard time with a classmate who was calling her names and making her life difficult. Hickem suggested they read Psalm 55 aloud and discuss it. The daughter discovered in these verses that God understood what persecution felt like, but He also wanted His children to strive to live in peace by offering forgiveness to offenders.

This book is not heavy psychology, but it is pragmatic. It provides foundational insights on rearing children from a biblical perspective and in a non-jargon readable way. – Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

A motherhood expert teaches the seven essential principles every mom needs to confidently raise her children.

Every mother wants her children to grow up happy, healthy, and fulfilled. But reaching that destination can be full of indecision, worry, and second-guessing. Ask any mother, "Do you think you're doing a good job?" and she’ll likely give you a mixed answer. In her groundbreaking book, Regret-Free Parenting, Catherine Hickem offers seven principles for mothers to raise their children well . . . and know they’re doing it right.

With nearly thirty years of experience as a psychotherapist, speaker, women's ministry director, and founder of Intentional Moms, Catherine Hickem shows how to build respect, companionship, trust, and emotional health as well as how to usher confident, centered, and secure adults into the world. If any mother has ever wondered, Am I raising a good kid and am I doing it right? she needs the impactful teaching of Regret-Free Parenting.