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Trade Paperback
416 pages
Sep 2009
Thomas Nelson

Who Do I Talk To?

by Neta Jackson

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Who Do I Talk To? by Neta Jackson focuses on Gabby, who moves from person to person trying to find someone who will listen to her and talk to her about her challenges and, thereby, help her cope with her current situations. But, unfortunately, she discovers that most people are impatient, unconcerned, or just not very wise in their advice. Only when Gabby talks to God, through prayer and meditation, does she find someone who understands and truly cares. In the story, the heroine finds herself kicked out of her home, torn away from her children and husband, and left alone with her mother, a dog, and less than $300. Through her story she goes through a series of emotions, including loneliness, relief, anger, pain, joy, and sorrow. In the end she learns to trust God with her problems, and she feels comfort when she sees light at the end of her dark emotional tunnel.

The author formats the novel in a way wherein the reader feel like the main character’s best friend, becoming part of her story. Intensity increases in the strained relationship between Gabby and her husband, Philip, as well as the quality of the other relationships Gabby has with other characters, some of whom become strong and supportive. Gabby relies on Isaiah 49: 17, as a promise for her situation.

Gabby displays much strength through her work ethic and many weaknesses in her spirituality. Gabby has a heart for the women who reside in Manna House (the women’s shelter where she lives and works), and as a result makes a huge decision that can benefit some of the women in the shelter. Her spirituality often depends on the other characters’ prayers and advice, but she only gradually makes a personal effort to grow deeper in her walk with God.

My opinion of this novel is very positive, and I would particularly recommend it to female readers. I cannot wait for the next book in this series to come out! – Bria Adderly,

Book Jacket:

Gabrielle Fairbanks knew her husband was upset with her. But she never expected him to change the locks on their Chicago penthouse, cancel her credit cards, and disappear with their two boys. Now she's literally on the streets with her elderly mother, her mom's dog...and $220 to her name.

Thank goodness she has somewhere to go--Manna House, the women's shelter where she works. But even in the bustling shelter--surrounded by residents and the Yada Yada Prayer Group--Gabby feels more alone than ever. She longs for someone she can really talk to, someone to help mend together the pieces of her broken life. Her warm-hearted lawyer seems ready to offer more than legal counsel...but is he the answer to prayer or just a pleasant distraction?

As her fragile plans fall apart, Gabby hits on a possibility so wild and wonderful it has to be one of those "God things." Something she's only seen happen to other Christians. Until now.