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Trade Paperback
288 pages
Nov 2005
WestBow Press


by Kathryn Mackel

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In a world void of science and technology, stronghold princes control areas not destroyed by chemical warfare during the Endless Wars. Sorcerers use cell manipulation to appease nobles’ vanity, or create monsters and giants. Peasants who manage to prosper are stripped of their possessions or taken as slaves.

Deep underwater lies the Ark – a haven of safety for the Birthrighters, where history, art, and technology still thrive. It is also a training ground for chosen young people, who are miraculously sent out into the world at age sixteen.

Niki was one of the first, and at twenty-two she is a skilled warrior. The last thing she wants is to play babysitter to the newest batch of arrivals, dubbed “rooks.” Brady, the camp leader, musters the few Birthrighters he has to fight the evil Baron Alrod’s giants.

Mixing the best of fantasy and science fiction with riveting characters, Mackel creates a story like no other. The gradual unwinding of past events contrasts well with the action in the plot. Strong spiritual themes add richness to the story while promoting out-of-the-box thinking of how God could work in the future. This novel, which targets high school students and young adults, will appeal to both men and women. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Delivered through the Arctic ice by a whale, they arrive in protective husks—their journey nothing short of miraculous, their mission nothing short of impossible. Finding themselves on the surface of the Earth for the first time, they rely purely on Faith for provisions, strength, and direction. Outriders Brady, Kendo, and Niki must fight to reclaim God’s birthright.

When new Rooks arrive from The Ark, the battle turns into something no one expected. Not only must they battle the megalomaniac, mad-scientist of a foe, Baron Alrod, but a new more powerful enemy has revealed itself, threatening to destroy the world they’ve been asked to save.

Outriders delivers a unique world filled with supernatural intrigue, environmental significance, and suspenseful battles. For high school and college-age readers, this is a fantasy thriller with a heart of hope and adventure.