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Trade Paperback
281 pages
Nov 2004
Barclay Press

Understand My Muslim People

by Abraham Sarker

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Meet a modern brother to Paul the Apostle. Born in Bangladesh of devout Muslim parents, the first words Dr. Abraham Sarker heard were, "There is no god but Allah . . . " Carefully raised to manhood in Islam, slated to be a leader, he heard no Christian witness. As in Paul's life, the Holy Spirit in most unusual ways managed to break into Sarker's very core, creating hunger for God and for a Bible, then presenting a way for Sarker to go to the United States and there accept Christ as his Savior. Written for Christians wanting to understand and reach out to Muslims, the first few chapters of Understand My Muslim People relates Sarker's exciting, desperate journey into salvation. The next four chapters give an engrossing, brief history of Islam, filled with Sarker's deep, yearning love for his Muslim people, just as Paul loved his people. These chapters by themselves make a worthwhile book, but the treasure continues.

Written by a person with intimate knowledge, Understand My Muslim People continues on with the fundamental beliefs and basic practices of Islam. It looks at many facets including the Qur'an, prophets, angels, prayer, Jesus' place in Islam, and Jihad. A final section, ‘A Christian Response to Islam’ unites this book into a honed-with-love tool for reaching Muslims. Subjects looked at in this section include, Muslim arguments, sharing the Gospel, and what Christ offers a Muslim. Many charts and illustrations usefully illuminate both Muslim and Christian topics. A valuable collection of appendices, and a brief but advantageous index, satisfyingly end this study.

Graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute, adjunct professor with Dallas Baptist University, and founder of Gospel for Muslims, Dr. Abraham Sarker brings heart, experience, and learning to this valuable volume. Again resembling Paul, he seeks to reconcile his beloved people with his beloved Lord. Many theologians have already recommended Understand My Muslim People for use by pastors and teachers. As a layperson, I recommended it for the everyday Christian. Sarker points out that Islam is the fastest growing religion. It behooves us all to get rid of our misunderstandings, lay hold of our Lord's promises for all people, and actively reach out to our Muslim neighbors. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The world's fastest growing religion is not very well understood by most Christians. Abraham Sarker understands Muslim people because he was born and raised a devout Muslim. It was while being trained as an Islamic leader that God miraculously opened his eyes and touched his heart with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Abraham first shares his story and then provides a clear and understandable description of the history, beliefs, and practices of Islam. In the concluding section of the book, Abraham gives Christians a helping hand to know how to effectively share their faith with a Muslim.