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Mass Paperback
352 pages
Jan 2005
Barbour Publishing

A Treasure Deep, Perry Sachs Series #1

by Alton Gansky

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A Treasure Deep is a rare find! Perry Sachs knows where the most incredible treasure is buried. Yet, unearthing it might cost him his life.

The plot seems simple, but the particulars are powerful. What is buried underground will change history. Readers will not be told what the treasure is until well into the story. The element of suspense builds with a tantalizing trail of hints and clues. As the archeological dig proceeds, events unfold which will create genuine surprise at the final unveiling.

The author has meticulously researched all areas in this book, from the archeological dig to biblical history. Itís safe to say that most readers will learn something new by just following along with the story. All the characters are excellent representatives of their various professions, and therefore contribute to a realistic and riveting atmosphere.

Although a work of fiction, the plot holds a believable element. The author has logically pursued the idea of unearthing a treasure with extraordinary spiritual and financial implications. While Perry considers this project a mission from God, Dr. Rutherford Straight seeks personal gain. The book seriously looks at this contrast, which serves to highlight the universal and age-old spiritual battle of mankind. As the book closes, readers will shudder to think what would happen if this fictional scenario were real.

There is a superb mix of the ancient and the ultra-modern. As the past from two thousand years ago meets up with the present day, there is an amazing blend of history, prophecy and the contemporary. The treasure was buried with elaborate care and cunning, while the tools to unearth it are sophisticated and cutting-edge technology. Yet, when the past enters the present, there is a true sense of eternity.

A Treasure Deep will not disappoint! -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Treasure-unbelievable, historic, and dangerous-awaits Perry Sachs. The famous engineer knows the treasure is buried just outside Tejon, California. And he knows that whoever buried the booty years before rigged it with enough booby traps to send would-be fortune hunters into early retirement-or the grave. But Perry is no mere fortune hunter. He and his team of workers from Sachs Engineering tackle the task with vision and faith. The greatest challenge is not simply outwitting the traps that keep the treasure out of reach-it's surviving the increasingly desperate attempts of a modern-day murderer. Someone with power, money, and mysterious incentive doesn't want Perry to succeed. The treasure is there, but much more is at stake: Something that will change the world-and could cost Perry his life.