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Trade Paperback
384 pages
Nov 2004
Barbour Publishing

Second Time Around

by Nancy Moser

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Nancy Moser, the author of Second Time Around, presents the story of three people who have a winning ticket in the Time Travel Corporation. Time travel involves scientific injections, enabling the person to return to a specific incident in his past and see if another decision would have changed his entire life. After one hour in the past, the person can decide to stay in the past or return to his present life.

The story follows David Stancowsky, a successful 74-year-old business executive who is still in love with his fiancée, who had been killed in an accident just before their wedding 46 years before. The second winner is Vanessa Caldwell, a married lady with a grown daughter, who is involved with many community activities. Vanessa lived with her father, after her mother left, until she married. She resents the fact she has never heard from her mother. Consequently, Vanessa decides to revisit her mother when Vanessa was a college student. The third character is Lane Holoway, a popular actress whose dearest friend, Brandy, buys the lottery ticket for Lane. Lane decides to revisit the scene of her audition after high school graduation. She wants to know what might have happened if she had missed that audition.

The author switches between characters who live in different parts of the country. David is in Maine, Vanessa in Georgia, and Lane in California. David is involved with Vanessa in the past, which is a bit hard to follow at first. The author shows the intense feeling of dominance David has over Vanessa, which he believes it is love. Vanessa tries to please her father but he is always dependent on her and also wants to dominate her every action. We find Lane greatly influenced by her friend, Brandy, whom she rescued from an abusive mother years ago. The most unforgettable scene was the discovery that Vanessa's mother was forced to leave her daughter and not permitted to get in touch with her even after Vanessa was married.

I found the story interesting and rather astonishing. Readers interested in mind-altering situations will enjoy it. -- Dorothy Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In this follow-up to the Christie Award-winning Time Lottery, new contestants win the opportunity to visit their past. The three finalists--a businessman, an heiress, and a Hollywood starlet--become engulfed in a media frenzy that could ferret out dangerous secrets and affect the decisions they make with irrevocable consequences. Will the contestants have the courage to trust in God to face their past?