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Trade Paperback
362 pages
Sep 2004
Barbour Publishing


by DiAnne Mills

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In Footsteps by DiAnn Mills, readers watch the development of Debra after her two children disappear. Debra leaves her boy and girl at the mall while she goes for her car in pouring rain; when she returns with her car to the mall entrance, the children are gone. The story shows the sorrow, regret, depression, and insight of Debra's marriage.

The author quickly draws the reader into her emotional state -- first anger, self-blame, and then hope for a quick recovery of her children. Debra, though not a Christian, relies on her Christian friend, Jill, for strength. The most unforgettable scene is when Debra finds that her husband and all the children's clothes are missing from the house.

Through counseling with pastor Rod McDaniel, Debra realizes she has a drinking problem; as a result she begins to study the Bible and grow spiritually with the help of her Christian friends. Debra decides to get a teaching job to work with school children, as well as visit hospitalized children, as a healing process for herself. There Debra meets Dr. Cale, a heart doctor at the hospital, and a friendship develops between them.

Debra develops a strong faith in God after accepting Christ. She is helped by her Christian friends, and Cale, a praying doctor. Jill continues to be a wonderful loving friend, and Dr. Cale is drawn to Debra because of her Christian faith and outgoing ways.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and couldn't wait to read the outcome. It is well written and believable. Mystery and suspense readers will want to read it. -- Dorothy Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Debra Patterson is living a nightmare. Her children have disappeared from a Houston mall, and her abusive husband has vanished as well. She knows he kidnapped their kids, but where could he have taken them? After learning more about her husband's shady business dealings, her desperate search crisscrosses international borders. Alone and broken, she prays for strength to go on---and discovers that Jesus is enough.