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Trade Paperback
384 pages
Nov 2004
Barbour Publishing


by Andrew Snaden

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Cross a reluctant ex-CIA officer with a vengeful FBI agent, a desperate Christian teenager sold to smugglers by her parents, and a loose weapon of mass destruction (WMD). What do you get? If you're lucky, Andrew Snaden's explosive story, Traitors.

Jonathan Corrigan has come to terms with running his family's dairy farm rather than pursuing terrorists as a CIA agent, at least most of the time. He still wants justice on his archenemy, ex-director of the CIA Stone, but marriage to his lovely wife Laura and imminent fatherhood compensate. When the current director of the CIA personally asks him to meet with one of his former assets, a Christian friend in Lebanon, to gain information about a WMD threat against the United States, Jonathan cannot say no.

After FBI agent Sam Perkins sees his partner's mutilated body, he determines to bring the Russian mobster responsible, Josef Grachav, down. But Grachav, a former KGB agent, is slippery, smart, and ruthless. Perkins thinks he has the case settled when he and rookie partner, Ali Marcoli, successfully turn Grachav's right-hand man. However, something isn't right, and that something may be Ali. Perkins must find a smuggled teenage Chinese girl who has disappeared into Seattle's Chinatown before Grachav and the Shanghai Triad do to avenge his partner and to save the girl's life. Traitors is well-named. It bristles with betrayals, broken promises, and suspicion. Snaden skillfully weaves these together to keep the reader reading one more page, one more scene, one more chapter.

Its one weakness is in the descriptions. At the end of the story, I'm still not sure what the main characters look like. In spite of this, Snaden creates strong individuals with the power to grip the reader emotionally.

This is the first in the Deadly Traitors series. It has a strong appeal for male readers, especially Clancy fans, unless they read Clancy for the technological details. Snaden's book, which is Clancy-lite, will keep them turning pages. -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Russian and Chinese smugglers are conducting a deadly traffic in drugs and people. But before federal agent Sam Perkins can crack the cartel, a leak from within the FBI takes the life of the key witness. Now, among the thousands of international freighters headed for U.S. shores, one carries a truly lethal cargo. Can Sam survive inter-agency corruption long enough to stop it?