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Trade Paperback
368 pages
Aug 2003
Barbour Publishing

Shadows of Light, Shadow of Dreams Series #3

by Eva Marie Everson

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"Shadows of Light by Eva Marie Everson is the third and final novel in a series focusing on Katherine 'Katie' Morgan Webster and William 'Ben' Webster. This couple discovers that accepting Christianity in their lives doesn't automatically wipe out all of the problems created by their earlier bad decisions, but it does give them new perspectives on these problems and greater strength to cope with them.

"Katie has been running the Hamilton Place and all their holdings since her husband's mysterious disappearance two years ago. On a trip to France Ben suffered a head injury that caused him to have amnesia. He has been cared for by a woman named Andi. When Ben returns home with Andi, Katie has mixed emotions. She is overjoyed to have Ben back, but she is unnerved about the fact that he doesn't remember her and that he as been in the company of another woman for so long.

"This book has several layers of dramatic tension. First, Ben and Katie must rediscover each other and try to fall in love again. Second, Ben does not realize that his long-time arch nemesis, Bucky Caballero, is scheming to destroy all that Ben and Katie have built up and also even trying to kill Ben. Third, as Ben does begin to recover his memory and he desires to take back control of his empire, Katie is no longer content to be the sweet little stay-in-the-background wife, now that she has been making all the decisions for so long.

"This book is a romance, but it also has plenty of suspense and mystery about it, too. It's a page turner. The characters are marvelously three-dimensional. Bucky Caballero makes your skin crawl with his evil power over people. Everson keeps him lurking in the background, then springs him on you at just the right time. Maggie, the housekeeper and former nanny of Ben, is a genuinely lovable person who serves as a good role model for the other women in the book. Marcy, Katie's devoted best friend since childhood, and Phil Silver, Ben's long-time sidekick, are examples of what selfless friendship can be at its best.

"Katie is independent, strong, and loyal. However, she is also a woman, with all the emotions, jealousies, worries, vanities, and warmth of any other normal female. She comes off as being real. As she learns to turn continually to God through prayer and a changed life, we admire her and cheer for her to overcome her challenges. Her new love story is not just with Ben, but also with God." -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Katie Webster's life is finally settling down--or so she thinks. After nearly being killed by a shadowy character from her past, Katie decides she needs a break from her position as president and CEO of The Hamilton Place, an acclaimed hotel owned by her missing husband, Ben. While vacationing, she realizes she's being followed--and her life is changed again with the discovery of her watcher. The third and final book in Eva Marie Everson's Shadow of Dreams series, Shadows of Light brings Katie's story to its completion as she struggles with her nemesis to keep her company--and her faith--intact.