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Trade Paperback
219 pages
Jan 2005
Siloam Press

The Final Makeover: Your 40-Day Guide To Personal Fitness

by Dino Nowak

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Physical fitness expert Dino Nowak trains Hollywood’s stars, and now he’s sharing his strategies and transformation plan in his book The Final Makeover: Your 40-Day Guide to Personal Fitness.

No longer are fitness, nutrition, and overall good health repetitive, as are failed New Year’s resolutions. There is hope! Nowak, a professing Christian whose spiritual beliefs affect his work, says “No” to traditional fad diets, controversial infomercials, and society’s unrealistic view on the perfect weight and body appearance. For those who are serious and ready for a change, this 40-day makeover works to help transform not only body image and health, but the way a person sees himself and the true way God views people.

Nowak’s basic fitness principles stem from the KISS method, which can easily be remembered as, “Keep it safe and simple.” Written in a conversational, easy-to-understand style, Nowak brings complex concepts down to three understandable sections. He begins by revealing and counteracting the behind-the-scenes lies and secrets that society, Hollywood, the media, and even individuals feed on and believe as truth. These sections touch on some of the more popularly known diets, while also hitting on some rather humorous, but actual diets that people try (i.e. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Diet). The second part introduces the lesser known facts about a body’s makeup and how calories, overeating, and drinking actually break down the body’s immune system while adding on fat. Basic reasons behind emotional eaters’ tendencies, along with strategies to overcome them, give insight and a new perspective for the reader. Whereas the first two sections cover the fitness plan’s purpose and the reader’s understanding of his specific struggles, the third section finally introduces the actual 40-day plan. Detailed appendices also contain the plan which includes how-to exercise diagrams, food and calorie journals, and a 10-week cardiovascular planner. Nowak is a certified physical fitness expert through the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Council of Exercise, and the Cooper Institute. He has trained Hollywood stars, other high-profile artists, and entertainers, and is a regular contributor to major health magazines.

Nowak keeps a good balance between scientific nutrition, while still implementing his biblical perspective. He openly admits that this specific fitness plan is not possible without God’s transforming work in a person’s life. Novak says, “To be healthy in a true sense, we must address the three gears of your life: emotional, spiritual and physical. No one component operates in isolation.”

Overall, Nowak’s points are informative and followed up not simply by his opinions, but by documented scientific findings. His easy-to-follow, even humorous, writing style cuts through the scientific information that fitness trainers would easily understand, but the average person might not. Despite this friend-to-friend demeanor, some readers might find the third section and the appendices confusing and even slightly intimidating. Understanding body weight charts, calories, percentages, and food servings is necessary to get the most from this body transformation workout and nutrition guide.

Recommended for both the Christian and secular audience, Nowak’s gimmick- free book is ideal for both those seeking to get fit, those who have tried every diet out there with only limited success, and even the longstanding fitness experts who want a conclusive view on physical fitness from an emotional, spiritual and physical perspective. -- Kate Schmelzer, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Get fit and healthy...gimmick free!

Are you trying to live up to someone else's image? The media has pulled wool over your eyes with a combination of myths, scams, gadgets, and gimmicks when it comes to health and beauty. Prominent celebrity trainer Dino Nowak, who lives in Hollywood, has seen the stars out of makeup, and he knows the people doing the commercials.

Nowak exposes the untruths and explains the importance of the emotional and spiritual aspects of your health and how they impact the physical.


  • Why fad diets don't work
  • How to be set free from the falsehood that you have to "look" a certain way to be healthy
  • Why Thin doesn't always equal fit and healthy
  • More than 100 exercises that can be done at home without gym equipment
  • Workouts that are doable for beginners and challenging for competitive athletes

Featuring a daily food log and seven levels for each of the exercises, this unique forty-day guide will help you find a balanced approach to exercise, diet, and emotional and spiritual fitness. That's total health. No lie.