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Trade Paperback
369 pages
Dec 2006

Wonderful Words

by Stewart Custer

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The title of the newly-released book, Wonderful Words: A Daily Devotional by Stewart Custer, is half correct and half false.  Yes, the words presented in the book are absolutely wonderful (since they are direct quotes from the Old and New Testaments), but this book is not a devotional.  Devotions, particularly as we are used to reading them in such popular quarterly publications as The Upper Room, Pathways to God, The Secret Place, and The Quiet Hour, are vignettes, anecdotes, or illustrations of modern day events that help us relate to specific passages of Scripture.  For example, if the Bible verses for that day's devotional reading tell the story of the one lost lamb that the Good Shepherd searched for and rescued, the devotion might illustrate this by telling a story of a family's pet cat that had a litter of seven kittens; when one kitten got lost, the whole family searched the entire house until it was found. In this way, the modern reader has a parallel story to help him or her comprehend the message found in the Bible.

However, that is not what is found in Custer's book.  Instead, this is a glossary of key words found in the Bible that Custer has arranged in alphabetical order. Under each key word is a page filled with King James Bible passages that contain that key word. So, you start on page one with "Abide," and you get the fully typed out "abide" verses found in John 15:4-6 and Psalm 91:1.  The book ends on page 366 with the word "Zeal," and the printing of such "zeal" passages as Psalm 119:139 and Titus 2:14.  There are no stories or applications or explanatory notes or lessons.  As such, a better title for this book would have been A One Year Biblical Word Study.

In essence, this collection of verses cannot be classified as a devotional book, but it could be useful as a word study, reference book, or supplement to a biblical concordance.  Being a paperback only 5" x 6", it can be carried easily in a briefcase or tote bag.  Each entry is dated, but the reader can just thumb directly to such desired words as "joy,” “love,” and “faith" because they are all alphabetized. – Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Delight in words of love. Rest in words of hope. Words from the eternal God, Wonderful Words.

Written by Dr. Stewart Custer, this beautiful gift book explores 366 of the most precious words in the Bible.

These 366 words, drawn from the King James Bible, provide powerful food for thought. They also provide spiritual strength for daily living. I have made a lifelong study of words. I have done this not only in English but also in the Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic words of the Bible. The Lord Jesus promised, "The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life" (John 6:63b). B. F. Westcott wrote, "A biblical word, thought out daily, will leave one immeasurably richer at the end of the year." The words in this book are presented with a prayer that they may be a means of strength and richness of blessing to all who meditate on them in the coming years.