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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Oct 2006
BJU Press


by Susan Page Davis

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Feather and her younger brother Karsh go blackberry picking. They find an old abandoned outpost and decide to explore it in hopes of finding treasure. But tragedy strikes when Feather is kidnapped by a savage tribe and brother and sister are torn apart.

As orphans, Feather and Karsh were adopted by the Woban tribe. Now Karsh is alone with no one to call family and determined to find his sister. Meanwhile, Feather strives to survive and make her way back to her adoptive tribe and her brother.

The need to belong, the desire to be with loved ones, the drive to survive, to find what was lost – are all themes illustrated in this young adult book. The reader is taken into a primitive world where two different ways of life are in conflict: violent brute force against peace and learning.

The book is a cautionary tale of the consequences of a world without books. However, Ms. Page Davis offers the reader hope and, along with Feather, the reader holds onto the promise, “On the day when the dark and the light are equal, broken things will be mended and lost things will be found.” This is a story worth reading for both the young and old. – Vasthi Acosta, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Feather is terrified when vicious Blen raiders kidnap her and take her far from her home village. Meanwhile, her brother Karsh and the Woban clan search for the buried tools and technology of the Old Times. In those days men knew how to shape metal, build cities, and write books. But since then, the world has been ravaged by plagues and wars. Only by delving into the past can the Woban clan members save themselves—and Feather.