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Trade Paperback
120 pages
Dec 2004
Journey Forth


by Catherine Farnes

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In Snowblind, Dakota and his sister Jacy have helped their dad with his business, Back Trails Wilderness Tours, as long as they can remember. Their latest clients, Trevor Wheatley and his teenage kids Amberlee and Cullen, are rich, snobbish, and a bit reckless – nothing the Craig family hasn’t dealt with before. But then the real reason for the Wheatleys’ visit comes out – they want to purchase Back Trails, and Dakota’s dad actually seems to be considering the idea. Faced with the possibility of losing the only life he’s ever known, Dakota struggles with being the man his father wants, while his dad contemplates a move that seems foolhardy.

Farnes switches from her usual female protagonist to offer a guy’s point-of-view, and the result is less engaging than her previous novels. Her characters lack their usual layering, and the plot is too simple, even for a novel barely over one hundred pages. Good action and a strong spiritual theme redeem the book somewhat. Readers of the previous books concerning Back Trails, Over the Divide and The Slide, will want continue the story, but most readers would be better off choosing one of Farnes’ other novels. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The Craig teens return in a fast-paced, heartening story set in the wintry Montana wilderness. Visitors of a different sort arrive on the scene this time, not as backpackers but apparently for “business” of an alarming nature. When Jacy and Dakota find out their own father may be terminally ill and that he may be selling Back Trails, the family wilderness tours service, they begin to despair. And when a series of temptations arise that increase their perils, they begin to learn they must patiently trust the Lord in life’s complex and challenging circumstances.