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Trade Paperback
151 pages
Dec 2003
Journey Forth

Two Sides to Everything

by Deb Brammer

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Josh is a normal American thirteen-year-old boy trying to lead a regular Christian life. His mom has an accident which leaves her paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors say she has a chance of gaining back use of her legs if she goes to a rehab center and works hard for six months. His dad would stay in a guest room there. What are they to do with Josh?

They decide to send him to New Zealand where he will stay with his Uncle Hamish who runs a sheep farm--the same farm where his mom lived as a kid. Josh doesn't think the idea is too bad since they speak the same language, just tweaked in dialect.

The downfall: he'll probably have to stay over Christmas During his visit, Uncle Hamish flips on a four-wheeler and breaks his arm and leg. Now he will have to hire someone to help on the farm. He hires school bully, Neville, who picks on a misfit named Carlton.

Uncle Hamish believes they can witness to Neville and his family. What's going to happen now that Josh and Neville are working together? What's going to happen to Josh's mom? If you want the answers, read this book.

Deb Brammer weaves a great story that will keep readers turning the pages. Christian values are throughout the book without being preachy. Children ages 9-12 will find plenty of action and adventure. Older kids, including myself, found the book intriguing. Highly recommended! -- Jessica Loughner, age 13, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Going to New Zealand while his mother recovers from a serious accident seems like a simple enough choice to Josh. After all, they speak the same language as he does. But soon after he arrives, Josh begins to have doubts even about that, and he wonders if he will ever be able to do anything about the exclusion, bullying, resentment, and fear he sees in his classmates. Working on the sheep farm doesn't prove to be the haven he had hoped either. But deep down Josh begins to see that his own heart is the soil in which the first seeds of change will have to be planted.