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Trade Paperback
125 pages
Sep 2003
Journey Forth

Escape to Liechtenstein

by Ed Dunlop

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"It is 1942; Adolf Hitler and his Nazi army ravage the Austrian countryside. Mama died during a bomb attack; Papa has been forced into the army of the Third Reich. Trusting God, thirteen-year-old Hans bravely seeks to care for his nine-year-old sister, Gretchen, who bitterly blames the Nazis for the death of their mother. Now, a platoon of brutal Nazi soldiers is searching their farm for a fugitive. After the soldiers leave, Hans and Gretchen find that fugitive, Jacob, a Jewish boy with a dangerous secret. Knowing that the Naziís will kill Jacob if they catch him, Hans and Gretchen decide to help him escape to Liechtenstein. Great dangers from nature and enemies beset the three. They must set aside childish thoughts, use mature judgment, be crafty as foxes. Friends turn out to be foes, while what seem like foes become friends. Only God can get them through to safety.

"Firmly reinforcing his Young Refugee novels with historical, geographical, technical, and mountaineering data, Ed Dunlop delivers gripping, suspenseful, worthwhile fiction. The straightforward plots, well garnished with surprising twists and mysteries, simple, evocative wording, and interesting characterization quickly capture the readerís imagination. Christian thought and principals grow naturally within the plot and include, among other things: how hate warps the Christian; prejudice; trust and prayer in desperate situations; the influence of absent parents; the interplay of cowardice, fear, and heroism; witnessing about Christ; accepting Christ as Savior; facing oneís own imminent death; and, witnessing both Christian and non-Christian death of both children and adults. Written for nine through twelve year olds The Young Refugees series will be useful for both individual and group reading in church, school, or family. Since these books give voice to many of the frightening questions that arise in todayís children, The Young Refugeeís are valuable discussion starters." -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Hans and Gretchen discover a young Jewish boy hiding from Nazi troops and decide to assist him in his escape from Austria.