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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Mar 2004
Journey Forth

The Incredible Rescues

by Ed Dunlop

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The Incredible Rescues by Ed Dunlop tells the story of the rescue of thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Nazis in the last months of World War II by the Swedish diplomat, Raul Wallenberg. We see Wallenberg, one of the twentieth-century's great heroes, through the eyes of fourteen-year-old Hans Von Edler and his eleven-year sister, Gretchen, two Austrian refugees.

When Hans and Gretchen rescue fourteen-year-old Miklös Toth, Miklös asks them to fill in for him delivering messages for Raul Wallenberg while Miklös recovers from a bullet wound. During this job, they confront Nyalis, the teenage Nazi thugs who carry automatic weapons and use them, rescue a starving family, dodge allied bombing runs, and smuggle food into the ghetto at the risk of their lives. Throughout this time they watch Wallenberg repeatedly match wits with the Nazis and risk his life to save as many Jews as he can. They see his courage, his resourcefulness, his agony when he fails and learn to admire his servant's heart. At Gretchen's capture and shipping to Auschwitz despite Wallenberg's best efforts, Hans faces a crisis of faith at a critical time in the effort to rescue the Jews.

Dunlop writes a passionate suspenseful story which made me forget that it was aimed at 9-12 year olds. Both boys and girls would appreciate the courage and resourcefulness of the children. Dunlop does not hide the cruelty of the Nazis, but his writing is not so graphic that children would have a hard time with the story. This would make a great read-aloud story for family reading, a great book for teaching about World War II and about Wallenberg for homeschool or Christian school, or just a plain old good read. I look forward to giving this book to the young people in my family along with the other books in the series. After I've had the chance to read them! -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Fourteen-year-old Hans and his younger sister Gretchen trust in the Lord as they help Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg save Jews from the Nazis in Budapest, Hungary, during the closing days of World War II.