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156 pages
Jan 2004
Allegiance Press

George W. Bush: On God and Country

by Thomas M. Freiling

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"Not since Abraham Lincoln has a sitting president talked so much about God as President George W. Bush," wrote Thomas M. Freiling in the introduction to George W. Bush On God and Country.

When compiling these speeches, the editor didnít tiptoe around the tough topics but dove right into stem cell research in the first chapter. George W. Bush on God and Country is a fascinating book for men and women who are interested in the ideals and values that drive the president of the greatest nation in the world.

The book talks about subjects ranging from war to compassion, from faith in God to respect for life. One of my favorite chapters was On Thanksgiving, when President George W. Bush shared Thanksgiving dinner and special words with the 1st Armored Division, and the 2nd ACR, and the 82nd Airborne. Another of my favorite chapters was On Bravery exhibited by uniformed Americans in all walks of life since 9/11. "He represents the fabulous men and women who wear the uniform of the police and rescue units, the port authority here in New York City, people who serve with such distinction and such courage that whenever an American hears the word police or fire, we think differently," said Bush. The President's comments continue in appreciation for those who are ready to serve in our defense.

On Prayer in American History, President George W. Bush recalls that the very first President who lived in the White House composed a prayer for all who would follow him. On D-Day in 1944, Franklin D. Roosevelt offered a prayer over the radio to "set free a suffering humanity."

Each of the 34 different topics discussed in this book are intellectual launching pads for a Bible study that seeks to apply Biblical principles to contemporary issues. Now that would be a Bible study teenagers (and adults) could sink their teeth into. -- Josiah Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Not since Abraham Lincoln has a president spoken so openly about faith. What does Bush believe---and how do his convictions affect his presidency? Freiling's topically arranged resource features transcripts of Bush "on the record" about faith, commitment to life, patriotism, and his hope in the American people---plus interviews with his advisors and spiritual mentors.