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Trade Paperback
357 pages
Oct 2005
Integrity Publishers

The Ultimate Reality Show

by Clay Jacobsen

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Jack Forrest didn’t count the cost when he decides to compete for a ten million-dollar prize. Author Clay Jacobsen gives readers a glimpse into an ultimate reality game show that in the end deals with eternity. In this well-written novel, opposing forces set up camp. On one side are the ordinary lives of Jack and his fellow contestants. Across the way is the lure of a huge amount of money that could make those ordinary lives extraordinary. The only catch is that to win the game, the players must dodge danger, deceit, and a bit of deviltry. And the only rule is that there are no rules.

Jack Forrest is a committed Christian and he brings an entirely new slant to the challenge. It is inspiring to see how he smoothly revealed his worldview through his actions and dialogue. His wit and wisdom make him stand out in the crowd, but readers will have to wait until the last page to see if he wins the jackpot!

Operating on a parallel line to the story is the personal life of Jack and his mother. Their steadfast faith in God is tested when a secret from the past threatens their future. This bit of mystery is smoothly incorporated into the main plot to give it an additional layer of interest.

These pages offer plenty of action with a strong emotional appeal. The lure of a grand prize is cleverly contrasted with the most important things in a person’s life. The excitement of the game show steadily builds until the final pages when the true victory is revealed. The Ultimate Reality Show is an undisputed winner! -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

One minute, 60 very intense seconds, is exactly the amount of time 27-year old Jack Forrest, football coach for Wheaton North High School, had to decide if he wanted to leave his life behind and play in The Ultimate Reality Show, a reality show on an island in the middle of an unknown ocean with complete strangers competing for 10 million dollars! Without the hottest new reality show, Coach Forrest already had enough drama in his life: a budding romance with Principal Kathryn Williams—his boss, a lawsuit looming over his head and the school board breathing down his neck over a simple prayer offered for an injured player.

The Ultimate Reality Show puts Jack and all of the “players” in his life to the test as they decide where their family truly lies. Offering unexpected twists and turns, this latest offering from Clay Jacobsen is sure to have you on the edge of your seat. Who will be the winner of what really matters at the end of The Ultimate Reality Show?