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Trade Paperback
308 pages
Oct 2005
Integrity Publishers

She's All That (Spa Girls)

by Kristin Billerbeck

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She’s All That by Kristin Billerbeck is the first book in the Spa Girls Collection. Three girls from the same college—who couldn’t be more different—manage to stay the best of friends, even after their lives go separate ways, by taking regular trips to the Spa Del Mar. This story focuses on Lilly Jacobs, the self-appointed “missing link” with big hair in comparison to her beautiful friends Poppy and Morgan. She wields her useless MBA from Stanford and her instincts as her only weapons in the fashion world, while trying to make a name for herself. Throw in a couple of whirlwind romances, a cold-hearted boss, missing money, pickles, and Lysol, and Lily’s life seems to be falling to pieces. It doesn’t help that she promised her nagging grandmother that if she didn’t “make it” in fashion by the time she was thirty years old she’d settle for the type of office job she hates, but which makes use of her degree. The deadline is fast approaching.

Billerbeck knows how to spin an ordinary story into a book that can’t be put down, like dirty wool to white yarn. Her main characters seem decently real, and the settings she puts them in are believable. However, she does have some weaknesses. For example, while it can be assumed the reader will get to know Poppy in another book, there’s very little description of her life other than that she’s a hippie chiropractor, causing her to be rather flat. Also, Lilly acts more like a junior high girl than a woman pushing thirty. She’s constantly whining about problems in her life (including her hair), and she gets upset when everyone’s focus isn’t on her. The other major character weakness is that while the “bad” or “annoying” men have unique personalities, the “good” men sound very similar to each other. But if these things are overlooked, Billerbeck is quite the talented writer.

Upon closing the book, the reader will be left with a light heart and a desire to learn more about these three girls. While some of the things discussed in the book might be a little over the heads of young junior high girls, most girls in eighth grade through high school will especially enjoy this book. However, the book is interesting enough to hold even the attention of an older female audience. -- April Selander, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Best friends since Johnny Depp wore scissors for hands, "The Spa Girls" live very separate lives, but stay in touch with regular -- and sometimes emergency -- visits to California's Spa Del Mar. There's diamond heiress Morgan Malliard, who's self-sacrificing to a fault; alternative healer Dr. Poppy Clayton, who can't meet a man without asking about his colon; and finally, up-an-coming fashion designer Lilly Jacobs, who thinks her bad hair is the root of all her troubles.

The first novel in the Spa Girls Collection focuses on Lilly, whose coveted promotion is given to a less-talented co-worker, and who then finds her boyfriend with another girl ... all on the same day! Lilly needs a spa weekend and then some.

But it's going to take more than a facial and a massage to fix her problems: She's given herself just six months to succeed in her dream career. She's got abandonment issues from her childhood. And a nagging grandmother, an unpredictable roomate, a vixen boss, and mixed signals from three very different men certainly aren't helping matters.

What does God have in store for Lilly and her friends? Lay back, kick up your feet, and escape with the gals in this new chick-lit series by acclaimed author Kristin Billerbeck.