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Picture Book
128 pages
Oct 2005
Integrity Publishers

Sophie And Sam: When To Say "Yes" And When To Say "No"

by Tori Cloud

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A book for children, Sophie and Sam is a collection of rhyming stories illustrating life principles for youngsters. Topics include respect, thankfulness, telling the truth, sharing, and dealing with meanies. Scripture verses round out the lessons.

        Nearly a dozen chapters help children navigate the maze of when to say “yes” and when to say “no.” Say No to Arguing was my daughter’s favorite and the one she could best apply.

“I think we miss out on a lot

When we argue with each other.

Let’s learn to work it out because

God says, ‘Love one another.’”

        Against a cheese-yellow background, colored pencil illustrations of rodents scamper across every page. Sophie and Sam’s neighborhood is populated with woodland creatures who serve as the visual aids for the values presented. The whiskerless critters are busy and whimsical.

        Though Dr. Seuss and Stan and Jan Berenstain made it look easy, rhyming text is no easy feat when telling a tale. Children enjoy the sing-song cadence of rhyming sentences though occasionally I thought the messages in these stories were limited by the rhymes.             

        For those thinking the name Cloud rings a bell, Tori Cloud is the wife of popular Boundaries author, Henry Cloud. She is a rare female who confesses a fondness for mice including her four-footed characters, Sophie and Sam. – PeggySue Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Sharing – yes; whining – no. Telling the truth and cleaning up – yes; arguing and not following the rules- no. Seems simple enough, but as a kid the picture may seem unclear as they battle the same impulses that adults do when deliberating over right and wrong and where to draw boundaries.

Based upon principles from the million-plus best-selling book, Boundaries, by the author team of Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend, Tori Cloud helps children learn at an early age the value of setting and keeping boundaries to be safe, happy and obedient to God.