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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Apr 2005
Integrity Publishers

Terminal 9 (The McAllister Files Book 3)

by Patricia Rushford & Harrison James

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Antonio "Mac" McCallister and new partner, Dana Bennett, are trying to ignore their attraction to each other while solving the murder of Clay Mullins, an 89-year old, wheelchair-bound, railroad worker who owned prime riverside property adjacent to the railroad. The victim was killed by being struck by the very trains he loved.

Considered a nuisance by some at the railroad, the retiree was a regular fixture at the railroad yards during the common workday. One of the railroad workers in particular, is filled with animosity toward Mullins. Joining the suspect list are Mullins' heirs, a successful daughter and a deadbeat son, until shortly into the investigation the victim's house burns, and the son is found dead in the rubble.

McCallister is challenged in this book to go forward without his partner who is recovering from cancer treatment. He misses his partner and the subtle reminders that came from him that God is in control of all things, even Mac's love life. As Mac fights his attraction to Bennett, she proves to be a brilliant young detective, and her abilities deliver a blow to Mac's ego, causing him to struggle on another level. When she fixes him up with the dynamic medical examiner, Mac struggles more and is fun to watch as he works himself through these situations.

Terminal 9 is a good read for those who like police procedurals, and carries the tone of one experienced in police work—for good reason. Co-author Harrison James is a supervisor of a major metropolitan Police Department; his background includes working as an undercover narcotics agent, homicide and sexual/physical abuse detective, and he has also enforced big-game poaching laws in back-country investigations. Additionally, he's made appearances in several of today's police/crime reality shows.

Patricia Rushford has written four serial mysteries. She is an award-winning author, speaker, teacher, and registered nurse who holds a Masters in counseling.

Terminal 9 delivers with tension, conflict, a good mystery and subtle character growth. It is the third in the McCallister series, following Secrets, Lies and Alibis and Deadfall. -- Dian Moore, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The McAllister Files have become a favorite of Christian mystery readers. In Book Three, Terminal 9, Mac McAllister has a new partner, Detective Dana Bennett, and a new puzzling murder investigation on his hands-an elderly retired railroader hit by a train. But, was his death an accident? The strange investigation leads them on a trail of intrigue and possible terrorism. With twists and turns involving family members, lawyers and absolute strangers, Mac and Dana must dig deep to find answers. While Mac and Dana seek justice, they also seek answers in their personal struggles as they try to make sense of a world gone mad.