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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Sep 2003
Integrity Publishers

Secrets, Lies & Alibis (The Mac Mystery Files)

by Patricia H. Rushford

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“Don't let the bullet-hole cover mislead you, Secrets, Lies & Alibis by Patricia Rushford is not a typical shoot 'em up, sinister murder plot. This story incorporates emotion and different details of police investigation as the police department solves this suspense crime.

“Megan Tyson's body is found in a State Park in Oregon. The call goes out and the new guy, Detective Mac McAllister, is partnered with an older, experienced detective, Kevin Bledsoe, to solve the case.

“As the two investigate Megan's past hoping to find her killer, they find a story of a good girl gone bad. But why? Mac and Kevin discover that she was the daughter of an Episcopal priest but her lifestyle suggested something totally different. Before her murder, she was engaged to a wealthy businessman but had several other men, sleazy ones at best, whom she dated. She was often drunk and out partying. Because of the many men she went out with, Megan needed the large box of condoms that the police found in her bedroom

“Mac, as well as the reader, gets to see the ‘don't let it get to you’ attitude of the people who work homicide cases. There are the two men, Philly and Russ, who have worked together for years and cope by making crude remarks. Then the ME, medical examiner, who has short spiked blonde hair with orange highlights, notices Mac staring at her hair and says, ‘Don't let the hair fool you, Mac. Regardless of what some people think, it doesn't interfere with my intelligence.’ Seeing the decomposing, bug filled, body of Megan Tyson, the emotionless ME simply comments, ‘Whoa! That's no boating accident.’

“The main character's development did not take place until the very end. Mac McAllister is engaged to a Christian woman who doesn’t especially like his line of work and doesn't understand his schedule. Mac doesn't make her the priority of his life and doesn't run after her when she discovers him alone with another woman. The woman, Dana, is another member of the police department and was innocently asking Mac if he had any advice on how she could achieve her dream of becoming a detective. At the end of the book Mac is dialing his fiancé's number and thinking he would tell her everything, explain why his coworker was at his house, and maybe even agree to go to premarital counseling if she still wanted to. To me, it felt like the character didn't change until the very end and that the book ended with too many strings hanging loose.

“The book was truthful to a police investigative procedure, and it dragged on forever. I had to resist the urge to skip through the book to find out ‘who done it.’ Secrets, Lies & Alibis was interesting, but there are other books in this genre that would keep readers reading page by page.” -- Holly Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A headline murder, a rookie investigator, a race against the clock--and against his pastwith his newly minted detective badge,"Mac"McAllister reports for his first assignment with the Oregon State Police: a particularly gruesome homicide. It's a headline case, as the victim--Megan Tyson--was brutally murdered weeks before her wedding.The investigation turns up far too many suspects, and too little hard evidence. With more questions than answers, Mac tries to uncover the secrets Megan took to her grave.