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Trade Paperback
121 pages
Mar 2005
Prometheus Books

Dare to Dream! 25 Extraordinary Lives

by Sandra McLeod Humphrey

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Dare to Dream, published by Prometheus Books, has chapters about 25 different people who faced the odds and accomplished their goals. This book inspired me to reach out to others and to accomplish my goals just like Wilma Rudolph. By age four, Rudolph had had scarlet fever, Chicken pox, mumps, double pneumonia, and polio which left one leg partially paralyzed. Despite these obstacles, she recovered and won the Olympic gold medal for track running.

Dare to Dream described artist Georgia O'Keefe as an "independent child with a mind of her own." A small, skinny guy, Arthur Ash wanted to play tennis. Not only was his lack of strength an obstacle, but in those days, tennis was a "white mans game," and Ash was not white. "For Arthur, tennis was always much more than personal glory and awards. His position as a world-class athlete gave him the opportunity to speak out about inequities and society as a whole," Humphrey wrote.

Each short chapter in Dare to Dream opens with a striking statement which propels the reader into the story. Chapters are sectioned into two parts, observing each person as a child, and later as an adult. The book is a jaunt through history, spotlighting outstanding achievers and a quote from each history maker.

I am 12 years old and a picky reader. Dare to Dream made history come alive. Most importantly, the book did not make me fall asleep. I encourage you to read this book and be inspired. Estee Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Magical heroes like Harry Potter, Spiderman, or Catwoman provide plenty of entertainment for kids, but in real life heroes are made of sterner stuff than celluloid fantasies. In this inspiring collection of biographies - covering historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln and Helen Keller as well as contemporary figures such as Toni Morrison and Michael Jordan - critically acclaimed writer and psychologist Sandra McLeod Humphrey teaches young people that heroes were once ordinary people whose strength of character helped them to achieve extraordinary things. Starting with only their dreams, they worked hard and overcame obstacles to make their dreams come true. Some overcame physical handicaps, others psychological barriers like extreme shyness or feelings of inferiority; some faced racial discrimination or educational disadvantage, others financial burdens. In spite of these frustrations and discouragements, all of these people discovered in themselves the patience, perseverance, and determination to pursue their dreams beyond every obstacle.

The message is clear: No matter who you are or where you come from, you too can accomplish extraordinary things, as long as you dare to dream and never, never, never give up!