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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Jun 2006
Multnomah Books

Women, Take Charge of Your Money

by Carolyn Castleberry

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Unfortunately, many extremely successful businessmen and women don't know how to manage the money they bring in. Carolyn Castleberry understands this is a problem from first hand experience, and addresses it in her book Women, Take Charge of Your Money.  Using the example of the Proverbs 31 woman, Carolyn presents an inspiring plan for fixing the financial ignorance that is so widespread among Americans today.  In her book, she addresses ladies who are already successful, or just starting out in business, about the importance of understanding money in order to be good stewards for God.  With a little direction, and a lot of prayer, Carolyn says that financial security is more than just possible—it is guaranteed.  

        Despite being a highly educated young woman, Carolyn would be the first to admit that she was completely clueless about how to handle money in her earlier years. She had a great job and a college degree, but no knowledge about providing for her family's future! Inspired by the seemingly flawless woman recorded in Proverbs 31 (fondly called “Proven”), Carolyn began to face her financial fears and form a plan for taking control of her own money. With the goal of one day being able to “smile at the future” as Proven once did, Carolyn began to educate herself on both the business and spiritual aspects of investing. Finding that God is faithful to provide assurance to those willing to confront their financial fears, she decided to share her success story in Women, Take Charge of Your Money.

        God's Word is the backbone of this devotional-style book, as the author relates the joys and difficulties of managing money God's way. The main idea is that to live a financially-secure life, one must invest in her own future just as our Proverbs model sold merchandise in the market, and even bought a field after considering the advantages.  Carolyn warns that “the first step will be the scariest,” but God will not let the faithful fail because he wants His children to be liberated of worry. As a now-successful real estate investor herself, Carolyn knows the potential freedom that can come from properly using her method of educating oneself on the market and relying on God all the way.  It's simply a matter of coming out of hiding and deciding to accomplish God's Will for financial freedom.

        Women, Take Charge of Your Money was surprisingly light and humorous considering the daunting topic it addresses, and the straightforward advice provides a fool-proof plan when the reader decides to commit. Carolyn's enthusiasm for her strategy can give even the most timid investor confidence that peace of mind about money matters is within arm’s reach.  Though the book is not an exhaustive resource on how to buy, sell, and invest, it is perfect for the Christian trying to figure out where to start on the road to a more stable future. I highly recommend it for any woman who wants to learn to glorify God with her stewardship and prepare for a future she can smile about. – Amanda Branyan, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

It’s a financial wake-up call. God is the One calling you—and He’s calling collect. The good thing is, He provides the ideal model for you to follow on your way to reaping monetary rewards and gaining even more of your greatest asset on this earth: time. Carolyn Castleberry leads women through the process of creating, considering, and investing. Creating involves planning for your new life—you’ll learn to take responsibility and identify a mission statement. Considering means you’ll evaluate your investment options and trust the Holy Spirit. By the time you’re ready to invest, you’ll create a realistic budget, understand the credit game, and create an action plan for conquering debt. This book is your ticket to a new life grounded in financial freedom!