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148 pages
Apr 2004
Multnomah Publishers

The World As I Remember It : Through the Eyes of a Ragamuffin

by Rich Mullins

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The World As I Remember It: Through the Eyes of a Ragamuffin, by Rich Mullins is a coffee table book. Any coffee table would be better for holding it. Those who know and appreciate Rich will think it odd that he would publish a book seven years after his death. Did he take a break from songwriting for the choirs of angels to write a book? Well, no. Not exactly.

The book begins with a brief biography of Rich's career as a musician and as a human being. The bulk of the book, however, is a reprinting of essays that Rich wrote over the years for Release magazine. The book wraps up with some reflections by some of Rich's friends on his life and excerpts from Rich's scrapbook.

This book is not a book of theology in the traditional sense. It is the reflections of a Christian man on his life and his Lord's role in it. The discerning reader will see a lot of development in it. The essays are in chronological order. Toward the beginning one sees a strong affinity for Rich's Quaker background. Later you see him recognize and affirm the real presence of the Lord's Body and Blood in Holy Communion. Not many realize he took a year of Roman Catholic catechesis later in life.

Reading the book was like visiting an old friend. It was nice to meet Rich in his prose since I primarily have known him in his poetry. It is a worthwhile book in many senses. The words are only one of them. Since Rich has his crown, all proceeds from this book are going to support Rich's foundation, The Legacy of the Kid Brothers of St. Frank. This foundation is being established to "help bring the arts, in the spirit and love of Christ, to children and adults living on the [native American] reservations." (p. 6)

Buy the book. Your coffee table will thank you. So will the kids Rich served just before his death. -- Charles Lehmann, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Poet, thinker, teacher, writer---Mullins was much more than a musician, and his poignant reflections show it. Complemented by black-and-white photography, this moving collection offers 20 articles from his Release magazine column. Covering a diversity of topics---solitude, childlikeness, humor, flaws, worry, joy---they are united by Rich's passionate call back to faith's fundamental principles.