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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Jan 2004
Multnomah Publishers

When God Writes Your Love Story: The Ultimate Approach to Guy/Girl Relationships

by Eric & Leslie Ludy

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“The once pimply-faced, tin-grinned teenager named Eric Ludy together with his wife Leslie have written When God Writes Your Love Story to help teenagers understand guy/girl relationships. This husband and wife duo believes teenagers need to know God's view on romance to prevent physical and emotional damage in their lives.

“The Ludy's are bestselling authors who travel around the world speaking to groups about Jesus Christ and purity. The authors believe that young people need to develop inward excellence, high standards, faithfulness, courage, and the desire to follow God's will in the area of sexual purity. For example, Leslie tells several stories on how the world is filled with opportunities for so-called ‘safe sex’ and sexual freedom. She reveals that every time a boyfriend dumped her, she felt that part of her was given away and there was a little less for her future husband, Eric. Practical advice is given to avoid these pit falls and to help develop proper, godly relationships.

“This book was extremely interesting. I couldn't put it down, even to go to sleep. It was easy to read and offered humorous and embarrassing moments of both Eric and Leslie, which lightened the subject matter. Every teenager should have the opportunity to read When God Writes Your Love Story. I highly recommend this book!” -- Jessica Loughner, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Too many of us have settled for a predictable, mediocre existence when deep down we long to live a life that really counts. In their new book, bestselling authors Eric and Leslie Ludy reveal that the life God has called us to is beyond anything we have dreamed or imagined. This grand adventure can turn ordinary men and women into heroes for Truth—agents in the service of the Most High God. This adventure transforms the impossible challenges of life into amazing opportunities to see the power of God at work. If you are willing to explore the boundless depths of a God-scripted life, this book can help you to embark on a new and magnificent voyage of discovery. Get ready to discover how breathtaking the adventure can be when God writes your life story.