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96 pages
Apr 2004
Multnomah Publishers

What's So Spiritual About Your Gifts?

by Henry & Mel Blackaby

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Is there confusion between natural talents and spiritual gifts? Are we seeking the gifts and the power of the Holy Spirit and not a relationship with the Holy Spirit? Are we enamored with self? When are spiritual gifts bestowed and to whom? What is the purpose of spirtual gifts? If we operate only according to our talents and abilities who gets the glory? These are questions addressed by the father-son team, Henry and Mel Blackaby, in their book What’s So Spiritual About Your Gifts? Understanding what it means to be filled with, and to walk in, the Holy Spirit is the key to understanding the answers to the questions above.

I was encouraged when the authors said that with the gift of the Holy Spirit, you wouldn’t struggle with burnout serving God or carry the weight of anxiety and stress. Furthermore, they say that your Christian life will produce joy, and you’ll discover that merely watching the activity of God from a distance could never compare with the thrill of being fully involved in the Holy Spirit’s active work. I found that I now have a better understanding that talents, skills, and abilities aren’t to be used as we desire. Rather, God the Father gives us Himself and then accomplishes His will through our lives. The authors then point out that this alone makes possible our experience of the divine power that turns the world upside down.

For me this book clarified what it means to rely on the Holy Spirit and what the possibilities are if we do. I recommend this to anyone who wants more to their life and is ready. Thanks to author for the reminder that God uses ordinary men and women in extraordinary ways. – Debra S. Murphy, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The Old Testament is our "kindergarten" for understanding the pattern of the Holy Spirit's gifting and work. That pattern is this: God gives an assignment to a person; then the Holy Spirit is given to equip him or her for the assignment. The proof of the Spirit's presence is that the person is able to complete the assignment effectively through the supernatural enabling of the Holy Spirit. Truly understood and embraced, the Holy Spirit's gifts allow the Church to be Christ-centered, to maintain unity and oneness of heart, and to practice genuine, powerful love.