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Trade Paperback
418 pages
Mar 2004
Multnomah Publishers

The Ultimatum

by Nancy Moser

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In The Ultimatum, the sequel to A Steadfast Surrender, Nancy Moser returns to her beloved characters from Steadfast, Kansas. Annie McFay struggles to live out her new faith while the husband she loves doesn’t want anything to do with God. She tries to ignore her faith to keep peace in her house, but her friends encourage her back toward God. Finally, Cal issues an ultimatum – chose him or God.

Jered Manson, on the road and almost out of money, finds a benefactor in Jinko, an unconventional restaurant owner. As the weeks pass in Jinko’s employ, Jered learns of his boss’s side business and becomes a hesitant accomplice. But the steps Jered takes for good of his music career will turn out to be more dangerous – and deadly – than he imagined.

As Annie’s and Jered’s paths converge, Steadfast will face events that will change its people forever.

Conflict builds steadily throughout the beginning of the book, then moves into fast-paced action in the middle and end. All of the primary characters are realistic and three-dimensional, coming to life on the pages with their quirks and passions. The strong spiritual theme overrides the plot, but all the elements blend for a satisfying and enjoyable read. Recommended for women of all ages. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Annie and Cal McFay live a normal life with their eight-year-old daughter Avi in Steadfast, Kansas. Until another man comes into Annie's life - Jesus Christ. She tries to explain to Cal and Avi the difference Jesus has made in everything, but Cal isn't willing to "give in" to God and change his way of life. He gives Annie the ultimatum: Choose Jesus or me. Then the family is taken hostage by thieves. Negotiations get desperate. Annie can't let Cal risk his life for them, not when his salvation is uncertain. The situation comes to a climax, and the whole town of Steadfast is left to make sense of the ultimate sacrifice...