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Trade Paperback
272 pages
Jun 2004
Tyndale House Publishers

Where Women Walked

by Jean Blackmer & Laura Greiner

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In their book, Where Women Walked, Jean Blackmer and Laura Greiner urge women of different ages and generations to help each other walk confidently down life's pathway. Their book is a compendium of true stories: women who faced a variety of difficult circumstances and, through faith, overcame their challenges and obstacles. The authors hope that younger women who read these stories will be encouraged to seek an older mentor as a guide and advisor.

The stories cover a wide variety of topics women can relate to, including marriage, parenting, living as a single, facing adversity, suffering abuse or depression, and confronting financial setbacks. Each section has several stories related to its topic, including direct quotes from the women whose stories are told. A supplemental "In His Footsteps" page provides additional quotes from women who have faced similar problems. At the end of each section, the authors provide a summary, action-oriented suggestions, and discussion questions. The authors are married women with children; Blackmer is an experienced magazine writer and Greiner has had many years’ experience in supervising the care of the elderly.

The authors say of the women they chose to profile in this book that they "chose to follow Christ and live according to His example. Then, they made an attitude choice. They chose to use whatever circumstances they found themselves in for good – for themselves and the benefit of others."

Prior to writing Where Women Walked, Blackmer and Greiner interviewed and surveyed numerous women of all ages in a variety of settings. They discovered that most young women had few or no older women to turn to for advice, counseling, and nurturing. They asked these young women what they would like to learn from older women, and those questions became the basis for the sections of this book.

Women of all generations will benefit from reading the collective wisdom, humor, and inspiration found in this book. Have a box of tissues nearby, for many of the stories are heart-warming and nostalgic. Upon finishing the book, young women will be motivated to seek an older woman to be a friend and guide. Older women will feel encouraged to share their life experiences and spiritual insights. -- Carol Zook, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Where Women Walked is an unforgettable collection of 28 stories about life experiences from women of generations past. It will inspire women of today to rejoice in the good times and persevere and grow through the painful times. Written with wit and woven with wisdom, each story pays tribute to a woman who rose above her circumstances and lived a life worth remembering. Where Women Walked covers topics women struggle with today and includes discussion questions and tips that make it ideal for small groups.