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Trade Paperback
285 pages
Jun 2003
Cook Communications

The Art of Helping

by Lauren Littauer Briggs

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"We trust our great God and Savior will use The Art of Helping in a very special way to minister all who read it. This is a much needed book." -- Bill & Vonette Bright, Founder, Campus Crusade for Christ

"I've used The Art of Helping several times already! It's a wonderful tool and I'm keeping it with my letter paper and card assortment. The wisdom it contains is Godly, timely and so practical. I look forward to using it as a resource for many years to come." -- Carrie Padgett

"As I have been reading this outstanding compendium of compassion I am learning more and more. LifeHouse always works with someone who is, was, or will be hurting. The Art of Helping will be a practical helm and well-thumbed reference in my work form now on! Your words truly are 'like abundant rain on tender plants.' (Deut 32:2)." -- Wayne Scott, President, LifeHouse Theater

"Lauren taught me much about what helps us during difficult and challenging times. I would have loved for all my friends to have had this book during my five years fighting cancer. This book should be on everyone's bookshelf for reference and to be shared with the hurting." -- Emilie Barnes, More Hours in My Day, A Cup of Hope

"Some people have the touch...the healing touch of sensitivity, availability, and dependability. Lean in and learn from one who doesóLauren Briggs." -- Patsy Clairmont, Women of Faith Speaker, The Shoe Book, The Hat Book

"Lauren gently enables us to know what to say and do in sticky situations. I have seen Laurenís compassionate heart and she offers us this reference book every caring person should read." -- Lee Ezell, Finding God When Lifeís Not Fair

"When it comes to helping those in need, itís not that we donít want to. Itís rather that we donít know how. The Art of Helping ó What to Say and Do When Someone is Hurting provides us with the practical and realistic information we need to be the arms of Jesus in times of stress and trial. Thank you, Lauren!" -- Gayle Roper, Autumn Dreams, Summer Shadows, Spring Rain

"The Art of Helping should be on every Christian's bookshelf. Lauren Briggs has provided us with a practical resource manual offering wise counsel and down-to-earth ideas to assist those who need our comfort. This book is instructive, insightful, and inspirationalóyouíll wish youíd had it years ago and youíll refer to it for years to come." -- Jan Frank, counselor, A Door of Hope and Unclaimed Baggage

"How many times have you wanted to help when you heard about someoneís difficult situation, but you just didnít know what to say or do? Therefore, you did nothing, and felt guilty. What to Say and Do When Someone is Hurting is a much needed guide, filled with proven, practical plans. I use it as a reference in my responsibilities as Minister of Caring for the Hour of Power Ministry. Every home and church should have a copy of this book. It will give people the tools they need to reach out and touch hearts and lives during the trying times." -- Betty Southard, Minister of Caring, Crystal Cathedral, The Mentor Quest

"Lauren Briggs has done a terrific job of capturing the essence of helping others in a way that heals rather than hurts. As someone who endured a bone marrow transplant and then the loss of my career and marriage, I can tell you there is truly an 'art' to reaching out to those suffering. This book is a MUST read!" -- Georgia Shaffer, A Gift of Mourning Glories: Restoring Your Life After Loss

"I have known Lauren Briggs since she was a young girl, but the day I received a sympathy card from her, I knew this young girl had grown into an extremely caring and sensitive woman. Laurenís book provides common sense and sensitive ways we can provide meaningful encouragement to those who need our help when we donít know what to do." -- Marilyn Heavilin, Roses in December, Decemberís Song, Grief is a Family Affair

"Do you know someone who is hurting right now? Are you afraid to call because you donít know what to say? Do you pretend youíre not aware of their situation? Do these thoughts seem like your thoughts? If so, this book is for you as Lauren gives simple, practical suggestions of what to say or do to make a memorable difference in your friendís life. Over the years I have observed Laurenís compassionate spirit and willingness to be a light in someoneís time of darkness. As a child she stood by me as I faced the death of two sons and as an adult, she took responsibility for the family in funeral preparations after the sudden death of my husband, her father. Lauren writes from heartfelt experience and has an avid interest in helping each one of us to help others. We may not know what to do or say, but Lauren does." -- Florence Littauer, Personality Plus, Silver Boxes, Behind the Personality

Book Jacket:

All of us have wanted to offer comfort and support to someone experiencing intense pain or loss, but we often don't know what to say to someone who is facing

- Divorce
- The death of a child
- Cancer
- The loss of a job
- Infertility
- An estranged or rebellious child
- A chronic illness

We often pull away and do nothing, although we know our close friend, family member, neighbor, or even casual acquaintance needs us more than ever.

With those times in mind, Lauren Littauer Briggs addresses 30 of the most common heartaches people face. She takes away our fear of involvement by helping us understand what that person is going through and provides us with a practical list of what to say--and not to say--whether it be in a face-to-face conversation with the person or through a written note on a card.

Briggs also gives examples of ways others have offered creative forms of support and comfort for each topic. Most importantly, she shares sample prayers that help the brokenhearted feel and experience the grace, healing, and comfort of a loving and compassionate God.