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Trade Paperback
384 pages
Dec 2006

Sinner: A Novel

by Sharon Carter Rogers

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Sinner is a fascinating, supernatural thriller about modern-day corruption and one man’s unique way of combating evil forces. The author, Sharon Carter Rogers, begins this story with a violent attack on a respected priest. This seems like a cruel beginning to any novel, but the reader soon discovers the vicious, yet almost alluring, reasons behind this attack. This and future attacks keep the police baffled, as the assailant leaves no clues behind other than the evidence of the victim’s criminal activities and that he calls himself “Sinner.” Soon a famous novelist, C.K. Ivors, is brought into the scene, searching for ideas for her latest book. She and her staff begin an adventurous search for Sinner and become personally involved in the dramatic unfolding.

There is no main character per say, but a variety who tell the story from every possible viewpoint. More than fifteen characters are introduced in the first six chapters. However, instead of confusing the reader, they are profiled in a way that gives the story more credibility. Each character, ranging from the ages of ten to seventy, is elaborate and realistic in his or her contribution to the mystery at hand.

The plot is no less than ingenious. The suspense is crafted in a way that keeps the reader guessing, literally, until the very end. The Sinner unravels his character in a way that is somehow both supernatural and identifiable. Each chapter is split among several characters and the mystery is slowly, yet consistently unwoven.

This was, by far, one of the best Christian thrillers I have read. The author gave a great balance between the conflicts of good and evil. The story was not written in a sermonizing way, but with a perfect mixture of suspense, human behavior, and a realistic view of the Sinner in all of us. – Heather Schultz, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

An attack at St. Anthony's cathedral leaves behind a symbol of the mythological Sinner a vigilante legend since the days of the Civil War and sparks the curiosity of investigative writer, CK Ivors.

Assembling a crack team of detectives and information hounds, CK begins a relentless pursuit of the legend, only to discover that myth is often based on truth and is sometimes more dangerous than it ought to be. As she edges closer to peril, she also discovers an intriguing diary that may shed more light on the mystery surrounding the Sinner. Entries in the journal of Beverly Scott Thomas are fragmented and dreamlike but also indicate there's more to the situation than meets the eye. Throw in a homicidal millionaire, a mystery cottage, and a few comic-book collectibles, and you've got the blood-pounding adventure that is Sinner.