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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Apr 2007
David C. Cook

Going for Broke

by Melanie Dobson

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In Going for Broke, author Melanie Dobson writes with her finger on the pulse of addictive gambling. Readers will hold their breath as bets are made, will cringe as the consequences deepen, and will ultimately smile as the grace of God pierces through the most devastating of circumstances.

Leia cannot stop pulling the golden handle.  She dreams of it in her sleep and works at it in the casino for hours on end when she’s awake.  Every time her husband is not near, the whispering promise of windfalls of cash beckon Leia. A former pilot for private trips in her Cessna, Leia was fearless enough to land on cliff tops or plunge through storms. Yet, facing the roulette tables and the slot machines proves to be a danger she cannot beat.  The games begin as a hobby, a way of releasing stress, but then they become a way to make some easy money while her husband is away and she is not able to fly.  But the odds are on the house and the hobby becomes an addiction.

Going for Broke is an intensely realistic look into the destructive cycle of the gambling addiction. Though the book focuses on gambling, it serves as a realistic portrait of the downward spiral involved with any form of addiction. As Leia falls deeper in debt, she must continue to hide her sin from the women at the local church, not to mention Ethan (her loving husband). The web gets smaller and the stakes get higher until Leia must make a heartbreaking decision. Either she must admit and reveal her destruction to Ethan or continue down a path of ever deepening darkness.

The novel had a way of drawing me in, of slowly reeling me closer and closer to the end that I hoped all along wouldn’t happen. It both thrilled and frightened. It introduced me to characters whom I wanted to reach out to and help. Ultimately, the book educated me, something of which I believe the author would be proud. Going for Broke isn’t a gamble at all as far as books are concerned – it’s an absolute winner. – Lauren Steigerwald, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Leia Carlisle can't tell anyone her secret.

After a debilitating ski injury, Leia loses her job as an airline pilot and turns to gambling for its empowering adrenaline rush. But the more she gambles, the more Leia thrives on the rush of euphoric wins until her obsession consumes her.

If she doesn't overcome this addiction, the game will destroy her family, her faith—and her life.