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Trade Paperback
317 pages
Apr 2007

Veil of Fire

by Marlo Schalesky

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Veil of Fire by Marlo Schalesky is a riveting novel, portraying the masks we all wear, the damage they can cause, and the healing that can happen when they are removed.

The author uses a historic tragic fire that occurred in September 1894 in Minnesota, combined with a "ghost" myth that has circulated for years since, to weave a story that will keep readers guessing until the end.

Readers meet Arla Anderson, a woman who lost her nineteen-year-old daughter in the fire; Ellie, a young girl orphaned by the fire; Josef, left with a baby after losing his wife in the fire; and Lars Jensen with his teen-age son, Leif, who lost his wife and daughter.

Some have secrets that the fire covered over. Others are left with scars and many questions. All have lives and a town, Hinckley, to rebuild. But wait! Who—or what—is that creature skulking around town stealing? For some, he provides a scapegoat to hide evil actions. Yet to others, he becomes a rescuer and help. But could he be a threat to all their secrets—or possibly provide a revelation that causes masks to fall and true love experienced?

Many emotions play as the thoughts of different ones are revealed while they struggle with their perception of God and of themselves. Life has its good and bad moments, but how they are handled shapes how one ultimately perceives God and relates to others.

Marlo Schalesky chose John 8:32 as her theme: "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." As you read Veil of Fire, you will see the dangers of living a lie and the blessing of being released from self-lies. Whether man or woman, all will enjoy this book and maybe find a lesson for their own lives in it. – Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In 1894, the worst firestorm in Minnesota history descended on the town of Hinckley, consuming 400 square miles and killing 418 people in just four hours.

Heat, flame, and darkness swept through the town, devouring lives, and consuming all hope. In the aftermath of the fire, the town of Hinckley rises from the ashes, its people determined to rebuild their lives.

But in the shadows, someone is watching, someone is waiting, someone who knows the secrets the fire lay bare. A rumor spreads of a mysterious figure that haunts the hills; monster, a ghost, or a memory?