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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Aug 2006

Stolen Lives

by Brian Reaves

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Robert Whitney has a life some can only imagine. He has a beautiful wife, a sweet daughter, and his own computer programming business. But life for Robert takes a dastardly turn when he watches as his wife and daughter are killed in an auto collision. Robert knows their deaths weren’t an accident. Unfortunately, greed is the foremost thought of the police officer covering the collision, and justice is not paid. When he finds out that nothing will be done to avenge his family, Robert decides to do something himself.

In Brian Reaves’s latest novel, Stolen Lives, the protagonist uses what he knows, computers, to seek revenge upon the man who killed his family and those who helped cover it up. Reaves, a computer programmer himself, uses his knowledge to make the technological part of the book realistic. Whereas some readers might fear that the computer part of the book would be too complex for them to enjoy it fully, their fears are quite unfounded. Reaves does an excellent job of explaining technological terms so that all one needs is a very basic level of computer literacy.

What potential readers do need to be aware of is Reaves’ accurate portrayal of the non-Christian world. Characters do consume alcoholic beverages and sex is strongly hinted at. For these reasons, some may feel uncomfortable reading Stolen Lives. However, for those who do read Reaves’ book, the evidently sinful nature of the book’s characters allows for a convincing transformation in lifestyle when needs for salvation are met.

Reaves’ skill at creating a Christian novel while holding back the urge to preach at his readers is brilliant. God is acknowledged in small, subtle, but effective ways throughout the book, and readers are allowed to keep a focus on the main plot until the spiritual climax. When the climax is met, Reaves does slip into a few traps of cliché. Fortunately, by this point the reader is so entrenched in the story that he or she is able to push that aside.

Overall, Reaves is to be admired for the writing of this book. His characters are well-developed, the plot runs smoothly, and justice is fully served in the end. Brian Reaves has raised the bar of Christian suspense fiction. Readers of this genre will be delighted. – Bethany DuVal, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Robert Whitney couldn't imagine anything worse than what he'd just experienced: seeing his wife and daughter killed when their car collided with a transfer truck.

But Robert was wrong.

With the help of a clever insurance scheme and a tainted witness, the wreck is called an accident. Fueled by his loss and driven by the pain of injustice, Robert is determined to destroy the lives of those involved by stealing the identities of the trucker, his company, and the witness. All goes well until the trucker decides it's time to fight back.