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Trade Paperback
498 pages
Jan 2005

Flight to Eden (Cradleland Chronicles Book #1)

by Douglas Hirt

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Nine centuries have passed since the Creation. Sin grows apace, and now a great evil burgeons into the world. From one faithful corner of this world, Lamech, his pregnant wife, Mishah, and a few loyal relatives set out on a desperately important, sacred pilgrimage. In another corner, tall, strong, spider-silk gathering Rhone must turn homeward because all the spiders have fled leaving empty, damaged webs. The evil Oracle hungers to control all of these people. And so it is that Lamech‘s godly band along with spiritually-troubled Rhone form an uneasy alliance against immeasurable odds, as they seek to protect their most vulnerable one from the destroying reach of the Oracle.

Noted for his western tales, prolific and award-winning author Douglas Hirt builds Flight to Eden on a basis of Biblical fact. On this base he weaves a legendary web of classic themes: sin’s growth; half demon/half human nephilim; demon possession; total evil vs. perfect good; warfare between good and bad angels; faithful, vulnerable pilgrims aided by an immensely skillful, yet troubled warrior; treachery vs. friendship loyal to the death; deep spiritual growth in the midst of great personal loss. A relevant map and a concluding section of discussion questions for each chapter help readers keep this involved plot in perspective.

Lucid sentence structure, well-chosen wording, and full characterization and description maintain interest, focusing the story. Hirt presents his ancient world in a contemporary manner. These are no caveman, but rather capable inventors, fluent speakers, and deep thinkers. Listed as the first in Hirt’s new series, Cradleland Chronicles, Flight to Eden’s denouement makes a satisfying ending for this story and a good beginning for the next. With 498 pages be sure to plan your reading time. There are passages where you will not want to stop in the middle. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Civilization is advancing rapidly, the world population burgeoning. Satan has caused the fall of man and now wants complete control of earth. His chief problem is the annoying line of humans descended from Seth. They insist on honoring the Creator. His other problem is the prophecy spoken in the Garden of Eden. There's a Redeemer coming who has the power to "crush his head" and ultimately defeat him. Satan is determined to stop this from happening.

Knowing the Redeemer must be born of a human to be truly both human and God, Satan initiates a grand scheme to pollute the human bloodline and prevent the prophesy from coming to pass!

Based on Genesis 6, this story will inspire readers as it transports them to an ancient time in the development of Christ's lineage!