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Trade Paperback
1588 pages
Oct 2005
Broadman & Holman

Holman CSB Light Speed Bible

by William Proctor

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OK, take a deep breath, no pauses now. We are going to read the whole Bible in three passes: first one takes four (4) seconds per page; second one takes eight (8) seconds per page; third one is s-l-o-w, one (1) to two (2) minutes per page.

Based on proven speed reading and study scanning methods, the Holman CSB* Light Speed Bible seeks to help people achieve reading all the way through the Bible and really gain information from that reading. The first chapter's title, “The Adventure of Whole Bible Reading,” amplifies well the aim of this book. Following a discussion of why Christians aren’t reading the Bible more and the benefits of this system, Proctor gives details and techniques (best read at normal speed) for implementing light speed reading. Relax and enjoy rapid, effectual, broad-stroke reading. All this has been honed and proved in Proctor’s seminars on light speed reading of the Bible, using the Holman CSB Light Speed Bible. These first three quick passes will prepare you for a fourth zone--which Proctor unfortunately calls optional--titled Meditative Speed, an in depth study of one passage including reflection and memorization.

Having scanned new textbooks and used speed reading when in need of it, I recognize what Proctor is seeking to achieve. If you have never read the Bible through, are preparing to teach, or are beginning in-depth study, The HCSB Light Speed Bible will be of interest. Keep in mind that the idea of this book is adaptable to your own speeds. Also, please remember that Meditative Speed should not be optional. Proctor does mention this at one point when he states that the first three reading passes prepare you to “maximize the impact of the Meditative Zone.” – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The Bible is arguably the most-owned but least-read book in the world-a disheartening observation for those who know that the Scriptures can revolutionize lives and societies. The goal of the Light Speed Bible is to provide:

  • A completely new devotional experience Immersion in every word of the Word of God in 24 hours or less
  • An essential adjunct to effective Bible study
  • A high-comprehension, whole Bible reading plan for busy people

If various national and international studies and surveys are to be believed, the need for an effective, highly accessible strategy of whole Bible reading is desperately needed.

The Light Speed Bible offers a study program that can empower anyone with at least seventh-grade reading ability to read every word of the entire Bible in 24 hours or less-with good comprehension. Or if readers want to start with the New Testament using the Light Speed Bible strategy, the average time it will take to read every word and phrase from Matthew 1 through Revelation 22 is about five hours. Furthermore, these total times include not just one but three passes through the entire text--an experience that will transform lives through exposure to the whole Word of God.