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Trade Paperback
368 pages
Mar 2006
Howard Publishing

Storm: 1798 - 1800 (The Great Awakenings series)

by Bill Bright & Jack Cavanaugh

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Author Jack Cavanaugh, with help from the late Bill Bright, has added a third book to the popular Great Awakening” series. Storm is an historical novel set around the turn of the nineteenth century. Although darker in tone than its predecessors, Storm holds great Christian lessons and the familiar spirit of revival.

Asa Rush is a struggling freshman at Yale College, a school facing struggles of its own. This once-Christian stronghold has nearly lost its faith. The students are abandoning a life devoted to Christ in order to follow ideas of rebellion, imported from the French Revolution. Asa is one of the few Christians left, and must continually defend his beliefs to others. One student in particular who leads the charge against him is sophomore Eli Cooper. Asa and Eli are complete opposites, but the two seem to be drawn together. They are constantly stepping on each others’ toes and their conversations often end with fists being thrown. Asa would love to get away from his nemesis, but God has other plans. He wants Asa to bring Eli to Christ. This is a task that is made even more difficult by the darkness and evil that is brewing on campus.

Cavanaugh’s style of writing is easy going. He uses short chapters, action, and a quick pace. The novel has an intriguing plot that keeps the reader turning pages, enjoying likeable characters. Although likeable, they are a bit exaggerated.

Storm carries with it themes that most Christians can relate to, such as: being a believer among unbelievers; the struggle to follow God’s will; and putting ultimate faith in the Creator. Asa embodies them all. He is in every respect a human, coming up short numerous times, but his drive and determine are inspiring, as is the novel. It is recommended for anyone who wants a powerful story about the strength of God. – Andrew Culbertson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

As the spiritual fervor of the Great Awakening begins to decline in America, a young student at Yale College becomes the target of both academic and personal attacks as he takes a stand for his faith. In time, he discovers that this is no coincidence but rather the work of a secret society bent on squelching a spiritual revival that breaks out on campus. Written with the intensity of a political thriller, this compelling novel—set against the historical backdrop of America in the late 1800s—reminds readers how the Holy Spirit can shape not only individual lives, but an entire nation.