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Trade Paperback
198 pages
May 2005
Howard Publishing

They Call Me Dad: The Practical Art of Effective Fathering

by Ken Canfield

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They Call Me Dad by Ken Canfield is designed to help Christian fathers step into the role of being godly fathers, even if their own fathers may have failed in modeling it themselves. The author assumes that the reader is a Christian man who has been a believer for some time, and has a clear understanding of Christian parenting values. His target audience is dads between 22 and 30 years old, married to Christian wives, and are church-oriented enough to understand the jargon and phraseology of Christianity. Unfortunately, the book provides no insights or advice for single fathers--due to divorce, death of a spouse, or never having been married in the first place-- fathers who are non-Christians, or fathers who are new Christians and may not understand such basic terms as “giving a father’s biblical blessing.”

Much of what Canfield shares about fathering is sound advice. However, he assumes too much when he asserts, overtly or by inference, that it is only godly fathers who rear godly children. For a fact, many godly men didn’t come from such a background, but through God’s grace came to know the Lord. It would have been better to say that a “healthier” life is provided for children when their fathers love and serve God. Canfield says, incredibly bluntly, “If you didn’t experience love through the blessing and caring arms of your father, it will be nothing short of the miraculous for you to express love to your child” (p. 31). To this reviewer, that is an overstatement--even discouraging and misleading.

The format of the book has strengths and weaknesses. The questions at the end of the chapters are thought-provoking and insightful, but some of the action points are a bit unrealistic for dads with low-paying jobs or minimal levels of education. The first three chapters are so filled with church lingo, the lay reader may not understand them; however, chapters five and six do a marvelous job of explaining processes in common terminology that anyone could follow and implement.

As a pastor, I recommend this book for use in a church class setting in which the leaders can help new believers and non-believers understand the Bible references and religious terms. -- John Boyanowski, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Developed from years of research and shaped by a biblical world view, They Call Me Dad is a powerful exposé of the spiritual insights of effective fathering. Dr. Canfield encourages fathers to activate their faith through modeling and teaching children to out-think, out-live, and out-love the world. They Call Me Dad contains interactive and profiling tools which enhance a dad's skill and understanding of his role as a father.