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Trade Paperback
384 pages
Mar 2005
Howard Publishing

Fateful Journeys

by Gary E. Parker

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With exceptional writing and a compelling story line, Fateful Journeys gives readers a panoramic and passionate view of the South. Strong characters and solid historical research blend to create a novel that has the elegance of a classic. Gary E. Parker is a talented author who was able to successfully convey the myriad of emotions that swirled amidst the controversial Civil War. Readers will better understand this conflict and its consequences through the lives of these memorable characters.

This second book in the Southern Tides Trilogy focuses on Camellia as she copes with her past and makes plans for the future. while Josh Cain and Hampton York confront their inner beliefs and act upon them when the country divides. The Oak Plantation faces changes and controversy. And while all of this is going on, the guns of war sound a steady beat, as they call to the characters to make life-changing choices.

There is a poignant realism within these pages. The author combines his expertise in history with a pastor’s heart to create a story that beats with the true pulse of humanity. Although this is a work of fiction, the social culture of South Carolina is accurately rendered. The terror and the tumult of this time are brought to life with skillful dialogue and appropriate actions.

The consequences of the characters’ decisions are explored with sympathy. Modern readers will have the advantage of hindsight as they visit this era, but will also come away with a renewed appreciation of the courage this time period inspired. Emotionally, the story runs the gamut from love to hate to hope. Gary E. Parker has truly used words to paint a majestic masterpiece! -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

"Who knows what will happen when those journeys end, and we come home again?" asks Camellia York while the dark clouds of the Civil War gather around her South Carolina home. In this second installment of the popular Southern Tides Trilogy, Camellia confront the secrets of her startling past while half-brothers Josh Cain and Hampton York grapple with their deepest convictions during these desperate days of national upheaval.

A heart-rendering epic of triumph on the costly road to freedom, Fateful Journeys sweeps readers away to experience the painful consequences of choices, the depth of unwavering love, and the indomitable spirit to rise above oppression.

Advancing the major characters and storylines established in Secret Tides, this novel is a self-seller for fans of the genre as well as an obvious selection for those intrigued by the Civil War.