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Trade Paperback
376 pages
Mar 2004
Howard Publishing

Secret Tides

by Gary E. Parker

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"In Secret Tides, Gary E. Parker weaves together the stories of five people who live on a South Carolina plantation called The Oak. Each of them carries a secret, from Trenton, the plantation owner’s son, to Ruby, the newest slave. But most deep are the secrets surrounding Camellia York, her father who oversees The Oak, and his half brother, Josh Cain. The death of The Oak’s owner unleashes a chain of events effecting everyone living there, and the secrets cannot last forever.

"Like the tide on the shore near The Oak, conflict pulses and ebbs throughout the story, creating a tale that’s easy to put down, but always pulls you back to finish it. Once you approach the climax, though, the action reaches a frenzy that doesn’t end with the last chapter. You have to wait for book two, and its included sample chapter only increases the suspense. The multi-dimensional characters become real on the page as you move deeper into their lives, though with frequent point-of-view changes you don’t quite crawl inside their skins. A rich historic backdrop permeates the story without obtruding, giving a sense of life before the Civil War. To walk hand in hand with memorable individuals from an another era, read Secret Tides." -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Trouble is brewing on the plantation. When the overseer's daughter, Camellia York, accidentally causes the death of the plantation's owner -- who is also the father of the man she plans to marry, Trenton Tessier -- life as she knows it will never be the same.

As Trenton begins to pull away from her, Camellia seeks solace from Josh Cain, an older relative with a quiet, but unshakable, faith. But when Cain's own wife dies tragically, the stage is set for Camellia to discover the truth about her family's past -- and her own destiny.

Set against the backdrop of the Old South on the eve of the Civil War, Secret Tides is a saga of passion, greed, romance, and faith that you will not soon forget.