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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Jan 2006
Crossway Books

The Second Coming: Signs of Christ's Return and the End of the Age

by John MacArthur

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In a genre overflowing with books and theories, The Second Coming stands out like a safe beacon in a stormy sea. MacArthur approaches this subject with sanity, scholarship, and research, as well as a firm belief in the Bible as a whole book, not one to be picked apart and put back together according to an authorís desires.

Based in our Lordís own words from the Olivet Discourse, this study looks at how Scripture from both the Old and New Testament fit together to present an understandable presentation of His return. Opening with a discussion of two problems--that of denying the second coming and the folly of sensationalizing this event--this volume then turns to the pertinent Scriptures. A premillenialist, Macarthur presents his beliefs unequivocally, taking time to fully prove them from the Bible. The reader knows from the very beginning of The Second Coming where MacArthur stands. Donít expect fireworks and wild ideas; the aim of this volume is to study what the Bible says, and nothing more or less.

Several closing chapters apply this topic directly to the reader: be ready, recognize the dangers; donít waste opportunities; and the judgment of the sheep and goats. An epilogue explains how to be ready for Christís return. And, as if to add butter to this nutritious loaf, Arthur W. Pinkís The Imminent Return of The Redeemer winds up this important volume. Notes and indices make this book very useable.

Well-known pastor, radio personality, and author John MacArthur speaks with a pastorís heart. MacArthurís desire is to help all Christendom to actively look towards their Lordís return and, while looking, to work strongly and obediently for Him. If you have ever heard him speak, you will recognize his inimitable style immediately. Those who do not know MacArthur will be glad to make his acquaintance via The Second Coming. Ė Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

"And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also." John 14:3 ESV

Jesus Christ was very clear: One day He will returnóand none of us knows when. Vocal fanatics claim to know the details of the Second Coming, causing many Christians to all but ignore the good news that Jesus is coming again. Yet Godís own Word commands us to know the signs of the times, to remain watchful, and to be readyówhenever Christ comes.

This book is a straightforward, in-depth exploration of the key biblical texts regarding the Second Coming; most notably, Christís longest and most important eschatological message, the Olivet Discourse. As you study what the Word of God says about these matters, it will stir in your heart an earnest longing for Christís returnóas well as a certainty about how to live expectantly until He comes again.