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Trade Paperback
333 pages
Mar 2005

Sunsets: Reflections for Life's Final Journey

by Deborah Howard

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It is appointed unto men once to die. This well-known Bible verse should motivate everyone to read this outstanding book! Although we donít like to think about death, itís a very present reality in our lives. The author, who is a hospice nurse, gently leads readers into a deeper understanding of dying through her personal reflections and Scriptural teaching.

Deborah Howard has seen many people die. She has provided comfort and encouragement to family members and has helped them deal with the fear, anger, and grief. Now, her Christian love and wisdom are available to everyone who opens up this book. Letís face it: if Jesus doesnít return first, we will all die. These pages help to take the sting out of death and cause us to look at this subject with our eyes and our hearts wide open.

At times, this book was difficult to read. The author has included case studies that further develop the expository teaching. These real-life scenarios are both powerful and poignant. Bible verses are explained with clarity. Tough issues like the purpose of suffering and the sovereignty of God are explored with a reverent and humble spirit. The Gospel message is clearly demonstrated through words and personal witness.

The author writes with an amiable authority. As a hospice nurse she helps people spend their final days at home, surrounded by their loved ones, alert and pain free As these pages unfold the process of dying, readers will sense a peculiar beauty here. Because of the Lordís faithfulness and mercy, no moment of a believerís life- or death- can be outside of His will.

Sunsets is a book that shines some light on a subject that will touch all of us someday. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Because one death touches many lives, it is important for both those who are dying and those who love them to be prepared for the pain and grief that accompany it. Here Deborah Howard shares words of comfort and encouragement for everyone coping with suffering and death. Her compassion, firm faith in Christ, and years of working as a hospice nurse create a uniquely sensitive, experiential, and biblical volume.

Above all, she emphasizes that there is a light that cuts through deathís dark shadow. That light is Jesus Christ, and He offers hope and comfort to all who are facing lifeís final journey.