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Hardcover with Jacket
32 pages
Jul 2005
Crossway Books

This Is No Fairy Tale

by Dale Tolmasoff & Corbert Gauthier

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In the mind of a small child reality and fantasy are interwoven. The Easter Bunny, Barney, and Jesus can all be a part of a pretend world. This is No Fairy Tale recognizes a child’s inability to separate reality from imaginary. The author cleverly contrasts what a fairy tale might say about Jesus “If this were a fairy tale, Jesus would have been born in a big castle…” with the biblical account, ”The truth is, Jesus was born to a poor family …in fact he wasn’t even born in a house.”

Dale Tolmasoff concludes that unlike fairy tales that end, Jesus is still alive. The final pages give a child an opportunity to ask Jesus into his or her heart.

This book would be excellent for family members or friends who are not yet believers. It allows the child listening to respond to the Gospel and the adult reading to ponder if Jesus is real. – Carol Stratton, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Once Upon a Time…

Fairy tales tell about brave princes and beautiful princesses, castles, giants, magic, and other amazing things. But this story doesn’t need any of that. That’s because this story is no fairy tale. But it’s still amazing—and it’s true. This book tells the story of Jesus Christ so you will see him for who he is—not a fairy-tale character, but God’s Son and the one true Savior.