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Trade Paperback
112 pages
Aug 2005
Crossway Books

Worship: Beholding the Beauty of the Lord

by Joseph "Skip" Ryan

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Joseph “Skip” Ryan, minister at Park Cities Presbyterian Church in Dallas, is passionate about leading worship and as a result has authored the book titled Worship: Beholding the Beauty of the Lord. He has also written That You May Believe: New Life in the Son (Studies in the Gospel of John).

Within these pages, Ryan covers questions about worship including: why should we worship, what constitutes worship, what should it not be, is our worship weak, can we create a spark let alone a fire, how do we need to prepare for worship, and do we really know who we are dealing with here - with God?

Ryan says, “What you are really doing in worship is joining in with God’s elect, including the angels.” If I keep that in mind alone, I find I have a new attitude about worship. He emphasizes that worship should change us. How empty it is to go without that change worship can and should bring! When Ryan reminds us that we praise what we love, I felt a new challenge to worship and I think you will, too.

I recommend Worship for ministry leaders, as well as members of congregations, to dig deeper into what worship is all about and how to be in a true state of praise. – Debra Murphy, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

True worship is what happens when God does in our hearts what we cannot do ourselves. Even the most well-planned, elaborate worship, with the most beautiful music and the most enthusiastic worshipers, is meaningless if one very important Person doesn’t show up.

In this book of instruction and encouragement, longtime pastor Skip Ryan teaches us how we can prepare our hearts and minds to come before the Lord in worship. It will help you, your family, and your congregation place more emphasis on the true purpose of worship: exalting the Lord and beholding His beauty.