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96 pages
Jul 2003
Journey Forth

Tommy's Clubhouse

by Sharon Hambrick

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“’Boys are Great, and Girls are Not!’ So proclaims Tommy’s bright orange clubhouse. Only girls who can repeat that phrase can belong to the club. Guess what! There are no girl members, and that suits Tommy and his friends just fine. Somehow, though, life is not working out right. Girls can make such good cookies; and, after the boys become detectives, they always have to find old Mrs. Peeple’s glasses. Then there is loud and lazy Uncle Mick, who knows many jokes but is turning out to be not quite so lazy. To top it all off, the boys are tired of a bright orange clubhouse but just cannot seem to save enough money to paint it a different color. Now the girls want to do good deeds. What next! “Author of many youth books about

various subjects from missionaries to neighborhood children, and mother of four children, Sharon Hambrick knows her subject, presenting it simply, hilariously, and believably. Although no mention is made of the Bible, prayer, witnessing, etc., Tommy’s Clubhouse displays well the learning, growth, and action of Christian living. Readers will identify with the characters in this book. All the children are recognizable individuals, make familiar mistakes, learn to do better, and put it into practice. Adults admit faults; seek to grow wiser; lovingly take their parental responsibilities seriously. Major problems presented include: Alzheimer’s disease; dropping out of high school; abiding loneliness. The neighborhood, exemplified by the children, seeks and uses individually pertinent solutions to help each other. The Christian publisher, Journey Forth, advertises, ‘Books that parents trust. Books that kids enjoy.’ Tommy’s Clubhouse fulfills that advertisement. Written for use in classroom at the six and seven year old level, this book will also be useful as a gift to any child or school. It will be enjoyed by individual readers as well as by families, classes, or other reading circles.” -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Tommy and his friends start a club that does good deeds in his neighborhood. This is book one of the Fig Street Kids series.