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120 pages
Nov 2003
Journey Forth

Fanny Crosby: Queen of Gospel Songs

by Rebecca Davis

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“Putnam County, New York: the year is 1820. With no doctor available, the family of a tiny baby girl with infected eyes allows a man claiming to be a doctor to place mustard on the baby’s eyes with directions to leave the poultice on until the next morning. Late that night, Grandma, horrified at the baby’s continuing screams, wipes off the mustard. Too late! Little Fanny Crosby’s eyes are burnt beyond repair. She is blind.

“Hardship and sorrow accompanied Fanny’s early life. Her father died. Her widowed mother went to work, leaving Fanny in the care of her grandparents. Joy, fun, light, and learning were also Fanny’s companions. As she grew, her grandma introduced the beauties of God’s creation to Fanny’s ever-questing ears, tongue, nose, toe and fingertips. Grandpa demonstrated love to the whole family through the Bible and other worthwhile books. Fanny learned not to hate even the quack who ruined her eyes, but rather to live in God’s love. Poetry flowed out of her like a waterfall. At fourteen years of age, Fanny moved to the New York Institution for the Blind. That was where she blossomed – learning to hone and dedicate her talents; where she married and lost her only baby; where she became a famous woman, friend of presidents, writer of over 9000 hymns, many still popular today.

“Missionary biographer, mother, and children’s teacher Rebecca Davis candidly presents Fanny Crosby as the Queen of gospel songs. Written for ages 7-9, this book will also interest younger children if read aloud. The intellectual appetite of older children through adults will be whetted for more information about Fanny Crosby. Davis enhances this story with interesting details about people and culture during Crosby’s era. Several of Crosby’s hymns augment the text. Kyle Henry’s black and white, misty illustrations accentuate the narrative. Relevant in several classes, including religion and history, Fanny Crosby, Queen of Gospel Songs will be welcomed by church, school, family, camp, or other reading circles. It is primarily a children’s book, successfully reaching out and capturing their interest, sympathy, and curiosity.” -- Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

A biography of the nineteenth-century blind woman who wrote more than 9,000 hymns.