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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Nov 2006
WinePress Publishing

The Miracle of the Lighthouse Cove

by Dawn Pokorney

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In the beginning, the reader is told that this is a true story, and in the end discovers that Heather's story is actually that of the author. Dawn Pokorney has been a nurse for over thirty years, and she speaks to groups about suicide prevention. She and her husband Kevin teach communication skills and run a hotline called The Connection Helpline in Florida.

Initially, the young woman known as Heather faces myriad sad circumstances, including a bitter divorce and the loss of custody of her two sons, ages eleven and fifteen, by a set of circumstances that seemed premeditated by her ex-husband. Suicide seems to be her only way out, so she thinks, but the hand of God is on her during this time allowing her to rise from the depths of despair and go on with her life.

The author details events in her life, via Heather, giving a description of present friendships, a longing for her sons, and the eventual meeting of Brad, whose wife is dying and who becomes her best friend and eventually her husband. This intertwining of events seems a bit disjointed at times, and the reader is left wondering why Heather has not been in touch with her sons, until learning that she is becoming a grandmother. The ending is happy, and the miracle of prayer is the blessing of the Lighthouse Cove where Heather and Kevin's home is situated on a lake.

Anyone going through a difficult time presently would benefit from reading about the author's life experience and how God has been her strength through it all. It also shows how love can come softly into one's life through leaving it up to the One who loves us most. – Sharon I. Rideout, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Darkness blanketed the earth as the red Toyota Celica inched its way onto the vacant property. After crossing several feet of rough terrain punctuated with potholes, dead grass, and debris, it rolled to a stop.

A petite, blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman opened the door and crawled out from behind the steering wheel. With a tear-streaked face, she stumbled toward the back of the car. Leaning over, she stuffed some soft, old rags into the tailpipe. Her body shuddered as she tried to hold back the sobs that threatened to escape.

Divorce. A lost custody battle over her sons. Utter hopelessness—and a plan to end her life tonight. Heather needs a miracle to interrupt her dark thoughts and live one more day. But what about the day after that? Can she return from the brink of despair? Could God ever use her broken life?

Miracles are just a prayer away and prayers offered in the gazebo at the Lighthouse Cove have amazing results.