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32 pages
Jun 2006
WinePress Publishing

Little One

by Ernest E. Finklea

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Designed as a read-aloud book for pre-school and school-age children, Little One by Ernest E. Finklea is a story about trust and bravery. When the oldest mouse announces that God wants someone from their community to make a long, long journey in order to meet up with a Tamer of Beasts (man), there are many volunteers at first. However, after the wisest and bravest and strongest of the mice consider the peril of the journey, they each back down, leaving only one little female mouse to accept the challenge. So, Little One boldly goes forth on this quest, feeling confident that God will protect her. Along the way she is confronted by a snake, an alligator, an eagle, and even an elephant, but instead of eating her or chasing her away, each predator assists in taking Little One farther along her way. Eventually, she makes it to her destination, where she discovers that the Tamer of Beasts is named Noah, and he is gathering pairs of animals into a large ark, as ordered by God. Little One meets a male mouse who has also just finished a long journey to come to the ark. Together, they hold hands and go on board.

This story uses a great deal of repetition in telling its tale, which will be effective for very young children but might seem tedious to older kids. The animation is vibrant and colorful, with a red striped snake slithering in bright green grass, and a fiery eagle against a tall dark mountain. At regular intervals are white pages featuring a scroll that contains passages of Scripture that relate to different incidents in the story.

I found this to be a delightful story, especially for a self-published work. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

The Maker of Life is ready for the animals to make their way to Noah's ark. In the community of mice, only Little One, the smallest of her kind, agrees to make the dangerous journey. Along the way, her faith helps her to overcome her fear as she meets Swallower of Life, Shadow of the Air, Roar of the Long Teeth, Mountain that Walks, and Eyes Above the Water. This story of hope and trust will encourage both children and adults in the growth of their own faith. Recommended for ages 4 to 8.