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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Oct 2010
WaterBrook Press


by Kenny Luck

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Kenny Luck’s newest release, Soar, is a book for manly men of God. Soar is an impacting and meaningful look at how the Holy Spirit works in men who are devoted to God. Luck uses three sections and seventeen chapters to describe how the Spirit affects men’s lives and gives them strength to grow. His focus on the Holy Spirit, instead of God the Father or Jesus the Son, offers new insights into spiritual guidance.

Luck is very strong in every point he makes. Each chapter is dedicated to an idea that shows how men of God can act in accordance with the Holy Spirit. Luck’s style is to talk directly to the reader, and his use of terms like “brotha” and “dude,” while cheesy, create a real sense of connection and familiarity. Each chapter is also headed with a quote and a charming story that serves to illustrate the main point he wants to make. They make each chapter interesting and unique. Another plus of his book is that there is a study guide in the back. The guide offers deeper looks into each session and asks probing questions that make the readers think about their own spiritual strength.

The book does have some flaws. Some of the chapters drag on, as though Luck needed to fill space at some points. The grey boxes with big ideas are also a bit of a nuisance. They usually repeat a sentence from the paragraph and don’t provide new insight into his points. Luck also has a bad habit of plugging his other works in the middle of his teachings. Readers can recognize imbedded infomercials when they see them.

Soar is very much a book for the men in any church. It challenges leadership and spiritual manliness. Luck is honest in his critiques of men in the church, but not condescending. He knows what men go through and this book is his attempt to help men through tough situations. I highly recommend his book to anyone who considers himself a man of God. – Todd Naevestad,

Book Jacket:

Soar reveals the Holy Spirit afresh for the modern Christian man. Men’s pastor and church leader, Kenny Luck says that the time is ripe for a movement showing the world the supernatural power of God because men are:

  • Saying “yes” to the Holy Spirit
  • Opening their lives to His work inside of them
  • Actively pursuing and partnering with the Holy Spirit
  • Releasing powerfully the ministry of the Holy Spirit to a waiting world.