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240 pages
Feb 2005
WaterBrook Press

To Be Told : Know Your Story, Shape Your Future

by Dan B. Allender

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In Dan Allender’s new book, To Be Told, he portrays life as a story with a cast of characters, plots and themes. In order to live a meaningful life, Allender asserts, one must not only read his own story but become actively involved in the rewriting.

Allender, perhaps best known for his compassionate dealings with victims, is president of Mars Hill Graduate School. Detailing the intricacies of his own story for readers is where Allender is most inspiring. This book is broken down into four parts: Your Name and Your Story; Reading Your Story; Writing Your Story; and Multiplying Your Story. Each chapter ends with a Telling Your Story section, which aids the reader in delving into their own story.

This book finds its stride in chapter two, where Allender is chosen as the winning loser. Such endearing and honest writing captures readers and compels them forward. Allender is at his best relating to victims, speaking truths gleaned from a painful past. If you’ve ever wondered what your role is, what your story means, what your calling could possibly be, this book will help you sort it out.

The introduction and first chapter are tedious and convoluted--skip them. Start this book at chapter two, where it really begins. The writing metaphor is scraped across too many pages, and drawing inspiration from Tolkien’s Frodo and Sam is practically cliché. The book opens too much like Eldridge’s Epic, and the reader can be daunted by the tedium. I had to force myself to read on until I hit the winning loser story. This assessment is based on an unedited advance copy; perhaps opening material was improved before publication. Either way, Allender delivers a book worth reading. I recommend this book for any feeling stuck in a rut or searching for meaning. This book is an excellent guide to moving on. -- Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Would you willingly overlook clear direction from God that speaks directly to you and where you are in life right now?

God’s guidance is near at hand. He is not only your Authority, he is also your Author. As God writes the stories of your life, he uses your past to open up your future.

It is your privilege to listen to your own story so you can live boldly for the sake of the Greatest Story, the good news of Jesus Christ. God reveals himself to you–and to others–through the story he has written in your life.

In this insightful and compelling book, Dr. Dan B. Allender shows you how to read the stories of your life. He helps you understand the meaning that God has written into every detail of who you are. As a result, you can share your story with others and listen to their story, revealing unique aspects of God’s hand at work.

Starting today, you can find deeper meaning in your story–a story To Be Told.